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Alien linguistics.


So pretty much a straightforward poll, so how do you think various alien species should communicate in Halo?

"Detail on reply" in one of the options means Im asking you to clarify a bit about how the mix should be handled, just to clarify.

I could put as an example here that maybe how they speak would depend on situation, when you play as human, the enemy aliens speak in their own languages while friendly aliens speak in english when they speak to you (or other human(s)) but also have battlefield lines in their own language when they either don't direct the speech to human or don't want humans to understand them.
While if there is a part where you play as an elite or some other alien species, the other aliens would speak english for in those parts you are supposed to understand them as you are playing in the role of an alien.

So, thoughts, opinions?
Bit of both, purely for fun factor. Grunts have got to be squeaking and wailing in English as they used to.
Sangheili can give us both - "You are no warrior." + "Wort wort wort aaaawubadugh!" = Perfection
I'm not opposed to Jackals speaking in English as long as they don't sound like they did in Halo 5. That was horrible. If they can't get it right then I'd prefer the standard screeching.
Brutes can speak English. Hunters and Drones should not.
Flood... I'm on the fence about. I think maybe if there's a Gravemind about, I'm fine with it, but if we're not aware of any Gravemind, I'd prefer them to remain as they did in Halo CE and 2.
Prometheans can talk, but they need to sound properly mechanised as opposed to the cheap filter effect they had in H5. I might even prefer if they stayed silent. Guess I'm on the fence with these guys as well.
All humans must speak fluent Antarctican. Nothing else.
Both. English for us to understand what they are saying and see how the different species interact with each other. Their native language because you don't want to hear what they are saying all of the time and the voice actors need a break. The alien language should be easy to create by reversing English.
A mix of both is the best option here.

You get some immersion from them speaking their own alien language with maybe subtitles on some of it.

Then have English words in between to let us know that they have learned or somewhat understand our language too.