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Armor Damage!

OP R3conRex

Should halo 5 have armor damage???

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I honestly think they should have armor damage during game play, taking damage and evidently falling off after so many hits from gun shots and assaults, instead of just dropping dead...I think it would be epic if they did this..Tell what yall think about it..
You mean the energy shields?
You mean the energy shields?
no not talking about energy shields in fact they should cut back on how many times a spartan energy shield regenerates, during multiplayer modes but yes when you die it starts over of course
I don't think it should be something that happens. It'd be cool to have the option of battle damaged armor for multiplayer in general but not deterioration during gameplay
its an interesting thought but i like how you dont take armor damage it gives you the feel of the original halos
Ohh... do you mean rechargeable health? Because that actually has a canon explanation. In CE, ODST, and Reach, you use health packs because they have biofoam in them, and it recharges that finite health. However, the Mk VI and GEN2 armors in 2, 3, 4, and 5 have biofoam injectors built in, so there's no need to get more from a health pack. I think it would be an interesting feature if your suit ran out of biofoam eventually, though. Maybe it can recharge 2 times then you're literally one-shot when your shields are down.
it be cool but destracting in game
Neat concept, but not sure whether that would slow gameplay down.
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I would like to see it, but in a non gameplay effecting way.