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Back from the dead

OP God Hokage14

If you could force 343 to do something good and bring back one of the above choices, which would you select?

I forget split screen. If you want split screen, you can comment below.
I'm pretty sure most of the old gametypes are still in Halo 5.
But I can neither confirm or deny that...

Btb is coming back its being released later post launch
Theatre and BTB are returning. And it is more than likely firefight and Invasion will return post-launch as Warzone game types.
All of teh above
Halsey's missing arm.
From that list there is one thing that makes all the others look like trivialities and nonsense: Firefight.
All of the above, but especially Customization. makes no sense to have more armor than ever and then limit you to 3 options from a previous 7. So sad...and lazy on 343's part.