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Battle Rifle or DMR?

OP GiggleSnarf

Which do you prefer?

Poll Ended

I'm team DMR. I prefer semi-auto over burst fire.
With perfect accuracy, as well as all-around, the BR is better than the DMR. But I do like both weapons
Battle rifle!
Hmmmmmmmm why though?
I think the Battle rifle is better in Slayer.
I personally prefer the DMR because I'm more of a medium to long range sniper that likes to hide in places away from the main field of combat. I usually sit back there with my DMR and a shotgun or something for CQC in case someone sneaks up behind me.
Br FTW!!!
In most fights I have been in, the BR has trumped the DMR
I use burst fire weapons in about every fps I've played since the shots are much smoother, less of a kick and I'm usually able to get every bullet on point. Although the br in Halo works out differently even firing it compared to the Dmr seems the same like my trigger finger doesn't matter. So I'm really undecided but I'll say Dmr for now until I notice an actual difference when firing the weapon.
BR for sure.
Reach DMR. It felt more like a real gun to me, especially since the BR doesn't have bloom. It's like a paintbrush compared to a marker.

(Weirdly, I used to be in the BR camp, then I went back and played some Reach again.)
Battle Rifle on small to medium maps, DMR on big maps.
Both are great weapons, but I'm gonna have to go with BR. Better accuracy and just a faster, more efficient feel to it. The DMR has more of a slow and clunky feel to it IMO.
Halo 2 Battle Rifle