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Battle Rifle or DMR

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Which one is more powerful?

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Normally I preferred the DMR. Ever since I used the BR in Halo 5, I'm starting to think it's a little bit better. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses though.
I really like the DMR
I much prefer the DMR's reticule over the BR's.The weapon system looks sleeker and simpler, ascetics I can appreciate.
Also I do enjoy a good 7.62.
I like the BR, it seems easier to get a kill with rather than the DMR, which is somehow a mystery to me.
I use to be a big BR fan but I have been having more success with the DMR. I have been switching things up lately and found that I was getting more kills with the DMR. I play a lot of big team battle so the DMR works well picking people off that are crossing the bigger maps.
The DMR 10/10. I can hit cross maps to short range kills. You can't do that with a BR. Also, it has a quicker TTK.
I'm better with the dmr
Battle rifle , although DMR has its value as well although I prefer the battle rifle to start out with
DMR is longer range (unless you use the longshot BR, which is better than a regular DMR)
plus it does more damage per shot
Battle rifle was god for me on SWAT
The dmr is the best, if it wasnt it would be less than,ultra uber extra legendary rare to get in a warzone pack.
I love the battle rifle it has nice recoil ad I just love burst weapons.
DMR only because it long range in BR don't see like its really long range
The BR is great, but something about the DMR makes it the best for me.
Ever since reach the dmr has been bae. Precise and harder hitting than the br. Plus the odst weapon of choice in reach.
I like to alternate between the two guns, though the DMR always saved my butt in BTB.
DMR for the win
DMR. Faster fire rate and shreds shields.
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