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Best Halo 2 remastered missions.

OP Etharyx

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Quarantine Zone in both remastered and classic is one of my favorites. The view of the Library in the distance is just beautiful. The scenery of the Installation's defenses and the Flood in total war is just fantastic. The opening cinematic is just amazing; where Rtas 'Vadum rallies all of the elites up to help you retrieve the sacred icon. And to top it all off, the soundtrack in this level keeps the vibe alive and beautiful. The only thing I dislike about this level is where you have to ride the gondola to catch up with Sgt. Johnson and Miranda since you are literally flooded with Flood and it definitely sucks if you are playing on legendary.
Metropolis and outskirts was cool remastered because it felt nice to see a new looking new mombasa
Becuase of all the cool granade jumps and secret passages and skips
I'm going to stick with the Armory/Cairo Station because it is the opening mission and gave me the first impression that the entire game was going to be stunning! Even though it is the smallest scene, it sest the stage for the rest of the game.
Uprising/The Great Journey are still my favorite missions and in H2A the way they look just amp up my enjoyment of them.
Quarantin Zone ans Sacred Icon.
I'm going with these two maps do like these two a lot
Delta Halo!
For me Ouktskirts/Metropolis. Not only did it make the city look more modern, but it connected with ODST. Also I feel H2A is at it's strongest when dealing with the UNSC. I do think they did a fantastic job with each mission (except Uprising/Great journey)
Urban combat is my favorite.
High Charity is my favorite mission because it's the only mission you play as Master Chief while fighting the flood.
As much as I love Outskirts/Metropolis, I had to choose Delta Halo/Regret as it was the first level that ever had the Chief working alongside the infamous Helljumpers. I loved the concept of the ODST’s as a younger me and when I first saw that sleek black camo and shadowy armor, they instantly became my favorite unit.

Memories aside, the environment, musical scores and layouts of those maps in particular were gorgeous, even on classic graphics. Remastered? Hands down some of the most beautiful maps primarily because of the nature overtakes the structures and ruins. You feel as if you’re on hallowed ground and the landscape itself is vast and variable, from the floating gondolas to the waterfall and gorge with the jackal snipers (probably the most beautiful section in any Halo Map in my opinion), these maps truly bring the magic of Halo to the players.

Also: who doesn’t want to beat the crap out of one of those pompous, overzealous Prophets? Oh, he’s dead? No problem, I’m gonna just keep mashing B until the level cuts out.
Rather than vote in the poll, I'd like to reply in regards to each option. Firstly, I'd like to say that I am not a fan of the Anniversary graphics as a whole due to the character models and enemy units having changes that I'm really not a fan of. However, I think the Anniversary versions of Halo 2's levels are brilliant for the most part.

The Armory / Cairo Station
I absolutely love how this level was done in Halo 2 Anniversary. Unlike CEA's Pillar of Autumn, the updated Cairo Station is almost completely faithful to the original with better textures and lighting. The only downside is that some areas are a little too dark when compared with the original.

The Anniversary versions of these levels did a great job, but I have to nitpick a bit. The atmosphere of the central island is spoiled by the change from the crimson overcast of the original to a generic blue sky. I find this change to be quite an odd decision considering half of the original Halo 2's marketing prominently featured art with the crimson sky. The other issue with these levels is the glitchy second bridge that should not exist.

The Arbiter / The Oracle
These are the first levels where the upgrades didn't feel particularly upgraded enough. They're fine. Nothing to write home about. I also would have preferred more use of the classic Forerunner tessellation patterns rather than the very basic Reach-style of Forerunner flooring. I also find the new Banshee score to be quite dull compared to the original track.

Delta Halo/Regret
While Regret leaves a little to be desired, I absolutely love the upgrades to the ruins and flora of Delta Halo. I appreciate details like the lake towers now emitting beams of light in pulses as the structures of the original Halo did. Overall, the colours really pop, and I love that. I felt the second level of Halo CEA really wasn't up to scratch with their colours compared to the original. It looked more bland and less lush in my opinion. But here, Halo 2 Anniversary did it right.

Sacred Icon/Quarantine Zone
I really get the feeling that the Arbiter's levels did not have as much time spent on them in Halo 2 Anniversary. Once again, these levels don't feel like that much of an upgrade, and the bright, aquamarine pools in Quarantine Zone appear unfinished in the Anniversary version. Still, at least they're faithful... Aside from the lack of Flood-spores (green fog) in some areas.

Gravemind / High Charity
Now these are the levels I actually have an issue with in the Anniversary version. Instead of making the colouring and textures faithful to the original or adapting it to be faithful to Halo 3's High Charity, it went in a completely different direction and made everything a desaturated navy colour. Halo 2 had the most vibrant magentas of any Halo game, and the textures of the walls and flooring remained consistent when they appeared in Halo 3. Halo 2 Anniversary has spoiled the continuity for no particular reason other than to have the Covenant's aesthetics fall in line with something closer to what we got in Halo 4's Spartan Ops and Halo 5. The new lighting is cool (even if it spoils the mood in some areas) but other than that, I am really not a fan. The lighting on the Flood biomass is broken as well.

Uprising / Great Journey
It's funny how much the Anniversary versions of these levels resemble Halo 3's Sierra 117 and The Covenant levels. I don't have much to say about them. I like the upgrades and they're faithful. My only nitpick here is that I can no longer hear the ambience of the hidden fauna in the background that set the mood in the original Uprising level.

Overall, I think Halo 2 Anniversary's levels are far better than CEA's. They look better, they often (but not always) sound better, and they're far more faithful than most of CEA's to the original.
Regret, especially when you're underwater, looks so beautiful
Delta Halo and Regret!
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