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Best of the OG Trilogy

OP MightySkyWhale

Which Halo was your favorite?

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Halo 2!
I'm gonna have to go with Halo 3, first real multiplayer game on the Xbox for me after reach and still holds up today.
My first was H3 as I didn't have an original xbox. But if I rated them today, I'd say campaign: H3, mp: H2.
h3 for multiplayer, h2 for everything else (music, artsyle, atmosphere, story, and just the campaign in general). though I do prefer one aspect of h2 multiplayer over 3, being hitscan.
Halo - Story
Halo 2 - Online matchmaking
Halo 3 - Custom Games
Honestly I have about equal good times on all of the games, but I think at its release halo 2 impressed me the most. Plus I always loved that train map in multiplayer, did a lot of stupid stuff on those rails.
They were all fantastic, but I’ve got to go with Halo 2. It was the pinnacle of halo multiplayer in my opinion
Halo CE!
Halo: Combat Evolved, the one that started it all!
halo 3 for me.
Even though halo 2's multiplayer is amazing halo 3 is the best overall imo.
Halo 2 for me!
CE! It started the whole franchise and revolutionized shooters, especially on consoles.
Halo 3 was my favorite of the original trilogy mainly because the campaign missions were all so much fun with no super short or bad levels, the multiplayer was excellent, and it introduced forge into the franchise. I mean, Halo 2 had the best story and CE has the best atmosphere, but they just don't hold the same place in my heart as Halo 3 even though I love them all.
Halo CE, but Halo 3 was a VERY close second