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Bring Back Classic Halo Music!

OP BigNorm4Life

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I love the classic Halo music greatly, but the new take on it in Halo 4 and especially 5 really caught my attention, and I like several of those soundtracks better than some of the classics. I regret that O'Donnel isn't making music for Halo a little bit, but the fresh set of eyes (or ears I guess) has really changed Halo soundtrack for the better.
Bring back that Halo 2 Rock vibe ! It made fights so much more epic !
Hell yes! The lack of classic music is one of the reasons I almost never play Halo 4 or 5!
I mean I love the original Halo theme but I wouldn't want them to play it to death.
If they left the decision fully up to me who composes H6, I won't lie I'd bring Marty back, and I want to hear more of the original themes again. I somewhat grudgingly voted yes for the poll.

That said, I will acknowledge the more times I listen to H4's and H5's soundtracks, the more I like em overall. If Jinnouchi were the composer again for H6, I wouldn't be tremendously disappointed or upset by it.

Halo music is a little like pizza, even when it's not my favorite installment, it's all still pretty good.
It depends. That original trilogy had a musical style that suited the events in the games. Depending on where 343 takes the plot, music derived from the original soundtrack may feel entirely out of place.
If you play music from the original games over Halo 4 and 5, a lot of the time it works really well.
hell yes there is a solver of cortanas piano riff in the blue team song from H5 but part from that it brings back none of the nostalgia that great tracks can give you
I didn't really notice the music change until I watched youtube video comparing the final missions of Halo 3 and 5. The original Halo's had some of the most exhilarating soundtracks and when you compare that to an almost silent cutscene where the Spartans talk to each other, it becomes ever present
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I'd prefer if Halo didn't go through a The Force Awakens phase. Everyone liked it at first because of nostalgia but when they looked back again they realized what an overt copy it was that had nothing original.

Allow music to be made to suit the situation. Don't force older music in for nostalgia purposes or else it loses it's worth and effect.
In terms of quality, all soundtracks are equal. I think we can have some drums from the first soundtracks, the majestic feeling from Halo 4's and keep with the awesome music from Halo 5. Just don't bring back the rock solos, they are just awful and cliche, imo.
I love the original Halo music but I also love the soundtracks from Halo 4 and 5 and all the other games. I do, however, think that the original Halo music was better and if I had to choose between the old music or the new music, I would have to go with the original music.
Halo 2 and Halo 3 had the best tracks of any game IMO.
I miss the classic halo music, music from halo and halo 2 were the best in my opinion but i do also think the new composers have done a great job.
Let the chanting monks and rock and roll return!

Side note- Star Wars music actually fits pretty well with Halo.
I definitely miss Marty O'Donnell, the H1-Reach soundtracks all capture that feel of "Halo". Just hearing the music reminds me of the cutscenes and missions, but I don't get any of that with Halo 5. Sort of generic. I can't really remember much of H4s music either.

So, amen. Marty for Halo 6
yhea I miss Marty's music too it was legendary
Absolutely yes!!
Marty's music is legendary, but his is not the only style I think that works for Halo, nor is he the only one capable of said style.
Stephen Rippy did a fantastic job in the first Halo Wars and thus far has been the closest to capturing Halo's 'feel' imo.
Niel Davidge's score for Halo 4 may have been less memorable overall, but it did a good job of enhancing the game and had a few standout tracks, (Requiem, Green and Blue, 117, etc.).

I do think Jinnouchi's score for Halo 5 was lacking however; it felt too derivative of Halo 3 at times and even the more unique tracks sort of blended together. In addition, the newer compositions tend to rely far too heavily on the strings, couple that with the lack of memorable melodies and you have the makings of an unremarkable score.
I believe Halo Wars 2's soundtrack has a similar problem; though its overall atmosphere is personified better through the score's usage, and the tracks in the game do have more variety, it just lacks anything standout beyond the reworked theme from the first game and the menu music.

Plus, I never see people wanting Michael Salvatori back, I guess 'Never Forget' didn't have the desired affect. Not to understate Marty's genius but he was only half of the reason Halo's soundtracks were so good and even he says he gets too much praise for what were ultimately collaborative projects.

Halo might not be Halo without Marty in some peoples eyes, but it wouldn't be 'Halo' without Michael either, and considering he is still under employ at Bungie, the point is sort of mute anyway.
It should be 100% for the OG music. Its one of the most Iconic video game music soundtracks ever.
I'm thinking we need some old music but with a 343 spin on them. kind of like what they did with "the trials" which is one heck of a halo song in my opinion.
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