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Classic character design vs. New character design

OP MasterChiefVIP

The Classic Halo designs of the characters were quite enjoyable. The enemies, allies, and armor designs were pleasing. But what about the designs after Halos 1, 2, and 3? Were the Reach designs too bulky? Were they awkward to look at? Are the Halo 4, 5 (and beyond) designs too flamboyant? Why do they look like that? Is the brand new direction a breath of fresh air? Did you want some more variety to your artistic pallet?
Definitely Reach and before although the designs in HW2 is quite a good combination, but I dislike the look of normal Brutes in Reach because I always think of the Brutes like a combination of bears and gorillas. not whatever the normal Brutes in Reach looks like, although I like the brute armour in Reach. although I prefer the older Elites halo 3 style. Even Jackals I don't mind the new enemies as long as they don't out right replace the older style.
I don’t know why people are up in arms about it. Me? I could care less.
I'd say that some redesigns are worse (ie. Halo 5 rocket launcher, Sangheili etc...)
Most designs I am indifferent to.
And some designs I find better. (Forerunner architecture, jackals, some of the armours etc.. imo)