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Classic Game Types for Halo 5

OP Shiny Plume

I'm sure this topic has been posted before, but I haven't seen it, so I'm going to make my own poll about this.

I've noticed recently that in Halo 5, there is a lack of game types. I'm not talking un-traditional Custom Games, like Sumo, Speed, or Fiesta, but I'm talking some classic game types that were in older Halo games that are not in Halo 5, such as Oddball, Juggernaught, King of the Hill, or Regicide. I have seen people try to make custom games versions of these modes, but it's not the same. Don't get me wrong, I love Halo 5 and all its modes it has to offer, like Grifball, Infection, and all those fantastic Action Sack games, but there are some game types that I enjoyed so much from other Halo games that I realized that Halo 5 does not have. The poll question I have today is "What Classic Game modes would you like to see return in Halo 5?" Don't worry if you see this poll a month after I make this or something, because this poll goes on indefinitely. If none of the options appeal to you, just choose the option "Other". Feel free to leave a reply with some game modes you'd like to see return, or maybe you have an idea for a new game mode they could add. I personally want to see all of these modes listed make a return, but I want to hear your opinions.
Alongside Oddball and King of the Hill, I want Race to make a return too. With the Rally Warthogs around, I don't see a reason why Race shouldn't come back.
When I clicked the thread name, I thought you were talking about classic game types that don't include sprinting or abilities.
I really enjoyed ricochet in Halo 4 along with assault and race from Halo: Reach.
All of the above
I voted Oddball because I loved that gametype in H2 Doubles lol
Oddball is a halo staple! Also I know its a varient of slayer, but I sure do miss a permanent snipers playlist...
Just bring back all of them.
All of the above but I have to say Invasion
i feel like strongholds is king of the hills replacement
reach firefight and invasion would be awesome though
reach firefight and invasion would be awesome though
That would be amazing. What about vip?
not exactly in H5g, its way too big of a file as it is but in future Halo's it would be good to see playable elites return with invasion (though im not sure if i want to see invasion with these ugly as h*ll new elites).
Objective Swat, its pretty boring the everytime slayer
Objective Swat, its pretty boring the everytime slayer
I voted Oddball, I miss Juggernaut. Oblective Swat would be pretty fun though. Most of them on the list would be fun too.
Just do em' all.
I've wanted Invasion to return ever since Halo 4...