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Old system, new system or a mix

Make Your Selection:

I feel like classic.
Literally nobody wants to pay for colors or have pre-set ones. What we're going to be getting is not even remotely a good idea.
Classic any day of the week.
I just need classic but if the mix doesn't get it the way I'm fine with it
I think the obvious choice is a mix. Have this "7 layer" system, but at the same time give us the control of which colours/materials go where.
I'll give Infinite the benefit of the doubt and see how the new coating thing ends up being in the final release, but I'm still going to say Classic. If we had the Classic options PLUS the new coating system besides for those who might want it, I don't think I'd mind AS much, but to get rid of the well-loved Classic options entirely? Just seems more like a sidestep than a step forward.
Just when I thought my eternal disappointment with Infinite would stop growing, it just keeps growing even more. I have always preferred the classic coloring options, but to do away with that in favor of armor coating is yet another regression in my book.
I would like to see a mix, similar to this
I feel like a mix wouldn't be bad, but i do believe that the old system is just top tier. Many people don't want to let go of the colors that they have used for over a decade.
I love the classic way of getting colors... but just give me more options... the ones I have are few... and boring, especially when the armours already come in with a third color I can't change...
Please keep the classic colors! I would prefer not to use pre-set skins. They ruin the free-form customization that Halo really pioneered into the franchise. Skins are super vulnerable to pay-walls and loot-boxes. Leave these out of Halo, 343. I understand that bills gotta be paid. But, if there's one thing I despise in games, it's pay-walls. I already bought the game, please respect that.
I think a mix. The new skins, but the colours aren’t baked, their just different patterns in which you can put the colours
Just have the coating be an option and allow players to choose if they want it or not.
a mix would be cool to see
I prefer the old style honestly.
Classic. All. Day.