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Cosmetic Armor loadout for Halo Infinite?

OP Elvarchris

Should H6 have armor loadout customization?

Poll Ended

Should Halo infinite have armor loadout system where you can switch out different sets of armor you already made without going on the task of making it all over again in a manner?
Ya It looks nice, maybe i am the only one but i spend Way to much time in costumization
Well, I wouldn't be against multiple save slots for armor of which you could choose from the one that fits the chosen map better than other form of sets.
And if it could be changed mid match then it shouldn't slow down the respawn time, otherwise it should be pre-match only.
Yes x1000. Even in H5 there's a handful of sets I really like but never use because it's such a chore to go through that huge collection to find the right ones. A load out system would be so nice.
As long as I can customise my armour in some way, I'm happy. But to have different slots for different armour designs would be a good suggestion
It sounds weird, but I would like to have something like that. Especially if it is going to have very detailed customization like Reach or Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Which has different custom made uniform sets.)
Imagine the crazy custom games possible if THAT happens, either randomized combinations or fixed sets... We already have Grifball where whoever holds the bomb turns orange until they drop it or score, so why not? As the chief famously said in Halo 3 "Mix things up a little bit"...

One word: Agreed!
Custom loadouts would be the bees knees. I would have a default armor set. a team swat armor set and I don’t know but I’ll have another one!
Yeah why not is a really cool idea
this is an idea I posted about 2 years ago :)