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Do you claw or not?

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I do for all games
No. I feel like the claw will give me artheritis when im older.
Besides, you can't exactly call the position natural or ergonomic. Which can probably give you problems in the future.
I've tried but think I tried too late
I claw, I didn't know it was a "thing" just something I've done naturally my whole life...H5 I picked up am elite controller and have since stopped clawing...but at any time I can switch back and forth between the two without much thought...

Probably first started around the time rainbow6-3 came out in my mid teens...
Nope, the play style doesn't feel right to me.
Forgive me if I've responded to this before.

No, I don't use claw, and I don't plan to. In Halo 5 specifically, I use the Halo 4 controls because it allowed me to easily swap over playstyles from H4 to H5 with little to no issue. I have tried to use Bumper Jumper in the past, but it always felt so inconvenient to me. Now, however, I wish there was a way I could keep the core Halo 4 layout and switch croutch from B to RB. That would make my playing style so much better.
I play the game casually...So no need to claw..
No to be honest I've heard of it but I've never actually known how to do it
I claw with every game I play. I've done so for many years, and I don't remember how I started. It was an unconscious thing, and I find it very useful and natural. It appears that puts me in the minority, to my honest surprise.
Yes, but most of the time it's unintentional. I'll have a normal grip on my controller, but as soon as I get in a firefight my hand will claw.
No way. I know some people who do but not me.
Exenius wrote:
I don't. I have relatively small hands, so it's really uncomfortable for me. I'll just stick to my elite controller.
I wish I had the money to buy one tbh
I switch when my hand starts to hurt lol. For competitive players claw is very recommended.
No I don't even know what that style of play that is. Never heard of it before now! I just play holding the controller regularly.
I just keep my thumb over the a and x buttons.
Nope! I stick to Helljumper
I've attempted many times and it just never feels right. When I find myself in a tense situation I always end focus to much on whether or not in gonna screw up at a crucial moment due to my grip so I just normal.
yes. i rely to much on the claw. some say just buy a elite controller. I say that I live in a constant state of pain and suffering due to my arthritis from clawing

Edit: im a bumper jumper. i use the clawing for the spartan thrusters in halo 5 and to reload weapons.
yes, especially with advanced movement
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