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[Locked] Do you like Prometheans as enemies in 5?

OP seaguard500

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I don't like them in Halo 5 but I still want to see them in Halo 6, with less health and new vehicles/types.
They had so much potential to be so cool, the way we saw forerunners for so long. Now they're just slightly more annoying enemies...
They're bullet sponges. They are worthless. Best part is i was only talking about soldiers...
They are not fun to fight... due to a number of reasons. I'll list out the problems I see with each type.
1. they never expanded on the backstory of the Promethians in general. In H4, those who payed attention to the story (and the terminals), would find out that Promethians are ancient humans, digitalized to combat the flood. The never say another thing besides that.

2. The Crawlers are way too strong. I've been playing Warzone firefight and the Campaign on Legendary recently, so I've died way to many times to crawlers. They are way too accurate, especially since all of their weapons now track targets...
Side note, I'm GLAD they got rid of Crawler snipers. They made compleating LASO on H4 near impossible.

3. Soldiers are not fun to fight. They have way too strong of an armor, they teleport way too frequently (I've seen one that teleported 5 times in a row in Firefight), and their melee is a 1 hit KO. The soldiers also are only supposed to use lightrifles and surpressors, but they have used Hydras, Mantises, and I found one today that was using a SAW. They are obnoxious, and there is no explanation of where they came from. At least the Knights, Crawlers, and Watchers are explained.

4. I don't have any problems with knights. They are the only things I enjoy to fight out of the lot. The don't charge up their shots that much, they use a variety of weapons besides the lightrifle and surpressor. They are tanks on the battlefield, as they were designed to be. They definitely improved from H4.

5. Watchers. They now are not quite such a big target anymore, due to the fact they they don't summon in any more crawlers. They are still good targets, but now every battle with Promethians doesn't depend on them quite so much.
On the flip side, their armor repair ability is way out of wack. It is way too strong. I have seen footage where they repair a half dead Warden back to full health in a couple seconds. It's ridiculous.
I love the Knights, and to a certain degree, the Soldiers. Their warp ability keeps me on my toes, but my only wish is that they didn't have homing guns.
I agree about the knights, they have improved over the course of the games. The soldiers warp is ridiculous, though. It needs to be lessened greatly.
Halo 5 didn't need the covenant in it and had to remake it's own canon to have Prometheans in it. When you have to force the enemy into the game, maybe there's something wrong.
Halo 5 didn't need the covenant in it and had to remake it's own canon to have Prometheans in it. When you have to force the enemy into the game, maybe there's something wrong.
Too true. And solid name bro XD
This is great XD

But yeah. also very true. I feel like a lot of things in 5 were forced.

Like going against Halo 4 in every conceivable way.
That was the point of H5. H4 had so much general hate, and since the players didn't specify what was wrong with H4, 343i remade everything. Thus, H5 was born.

They teleport from place to place (soldiers),
Bullet sponges,
Crawlers are like snipers with their boltshots and suppressors,
Warden Eternal (that's all I need to say on that front),
Grey and more Grey.
I like some of the improvements that they made to the Promethean foes. The knights have weak areas, and they reduced the soldiers teleporting ability. I like that the suppressor takes out their armor. however on a whole the Prometheans are lazy on the developer's part and illogical in cannon. Developers don't need to spawn them out of sight, and usually the bodies disintegrate so they don't need to keep dead bodies around. They teleport for movement so you don't need to animate different flips or roles. There is no need for any dropships of forms of transports, they just teleport in. Visual design is simple grey bodies with orange highlights, no need to design complicated armor with texture and colors and symbols. There is also no need for blood. In game they are bullet sponges in halo 4 in halo 5 they are a little better though. So you can see how they are lazy for the developers... Now about how they are illogical. Crawlers can be grown out of the ground, they can teleport in from anywhere, and there seem to be an infinite number of them. Why would they ever loose? Why wouldn't they endlessly show up? Why not have a watcher just out of sight growing crawlers forever? Seriously why wouldn't the Diadact just send 100 knights into a room that chief is in? Beyond that in halo 4 when chief is in the pillars, the Diadact disintegrates one pathway in front of chief. If he can do this why not disintegrate all the walkways and strand chief there while sending in infinite watchers to shoot him when he is stranded, or just spawn a knight in to knock him off the platform? A five year old with command of the Promethean army would know how to abuse their abilities to win easily, yet the great forerunners just don't win because? The abilities of the Prometheans are totally under utilized from a cannon perspective.
TLDR The whole design of the Prometheans is lazy and illogical. Design choices make things easy for 343 to make, while presenting logical tactical issues in cannon.
Better than in 4, and more nuanced to fight than certain other critters, but still not really fun. I think it has more to do with their robotic nature than anything.
The prometheans seemed to have a side of mystery to them in halo 4 which i really liked but it seems that in halo 5 they are just expendable obstacles included to annoy you and nothing more.
Prometheans are fun and challenging so I really like them
I think the knights and watchers are alright, but crawlers and soldiers are really annoying. They aren't interesting at all, and are kinda just there. I would much rather right elites grunts and jackels.
I like the Prometheans (especially the Knights) but my main problem with them is in WZFF. They're ridiculously OP and can kill you extremely fast which can be both annoying and infuriating. The difficulty level with them is way past Legendary and 343i need to tone them down a bit for a legit challenge.
The knights IMO are actually interesting because they actually pose a proper threat and they have an interesting and mysterious backstory but when it comes to watchers,crawlers and soldiers it seems that they are just grey and orange grunts.
In the other trilogy was the flood, in this trilogy are the promethians...
The knights are too O.P in WZFF and the crawlers,watchers and soldiers are too U.P. Once this is fixed i think FF will be a lot better.
I don't think people are seeing that they are providing a challenge to us. Maybe Warden Eternal's final round is pretty hard, but 343 challenges you so that you get better at halo, and use your mind and stratigise for your next move.
Also if your gonna wine don't do it on a public scale. Show some decency and self pride by saying how many Prometheans and P.Bosses you have killed. Stay POSITIVE and improve on yourself.
In other words, steal my post.
I think they can become a good enemy, but they'll never be the covenant.
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