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Do you think halo 6 will have Microtransactions

OP Sadume Yaloss

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Do you think halo 6 will have Microtransactions

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It's not a suprise that most games have these now-a-days, but do you think that 343 will do it again with halo 6?
It would not surprise me at all that Halo 6 will have micro transactions. For me, it would be a bigger surprise if micro transactions didn't happen because the games are getting more and more expensive to create.
I bet they will have transactions, but I'm hopping they have something kinda like Reach's system.
No doubt. Every multiplayer shooter these days has microtransactions in one form or another these days. It's just too profitable not to.

Side note: It's not up to 343i whether to include them or not. If Microsoft wants microtransactions, they will exist.
Of course they will
Without a doubt.
Yes, but like many others I don't want them.
I would be shocked if they were not there. Every game, now a days has them.
Yes and I wouldn't mind if it does I like being able to purchase extra stuff for the game if I like something I'll buy it.
Im assuming that the majority of games moving forward will have them
No doubt :'(
I'm desperate for a game that isn't overflowing with micro transactions. A game where getting difficult achievements (like legendary campaign completed etc.), or in-game feats of strength (something like getting the top rank in any ranked playlist) is what rewards the best looking, most bad a$$ armor. I don't think it'll ever happen now, but that's what i'm desperate for, it would be a complete breath of fresh air. I'm sick to death of cs:go cases, and call of duty supply drop guns (which preform differently/better than the standard guns).

One thing I do appreciate with halo is that you can open REQ packs from just playing the game and it doesn't take too much time to earn a gold pack although it is only gold packs that are purchasable with REQ points, not the HWC or the team packs. But having said that I'd love it if there was no random rng to getting the coolest armor and the best looking, more rewarding sets were earned through achievements/hard work/skill. One example is the Hyabusa armor from Halo 3, that set was so cool and although it was fairly easy to obtain (only required you to find all skulls) I still felt rewarded when I got it.
Unfortunately, now that microtransactions have been included in Halo I doubt they will be easy to shake. In my head it's a fact that H6 will have them.
Unfortunately, now that microtransactions have been included in Halo I doubt they will be easy to easily shake. In my head it's a fact that H6 will have them.
Yep. Microtransactions are here to stay.
I would be surprised if there would be no microtransactions. Like, what would make them stop adding those in game? Not the lack of people who buy those.
though i wont spend money on those.
Halo 6 will have micro transactions because halo 5 has it halo wars 2 has it. The micro transactions will most likely not effect your MAIN matchmaking experience, it will most likely be limited to another game mode(like blitz or warzone)
100% yes. Almost all games nowadays have them, and now that Halo has tested the waters there's no going back.
The req system made money; It is almost certain to return in some form.
Oh, absolutely. People are still spending actual money on reqs frequently, which means they're probably going nowhere in the future.
Unless the gaming industry finds something that's more profitable than microtransactions, I bet we'll be seeing them in future games.
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