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Do you think Infinite will get delayed into 2021?


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You never really know, I would assume it would be delayed because the purchasing market wouldn’t be the strongest with the whole covid fun.
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It's a possibility, but I really hope not.
Profesnol wrote:
I personally think that at the very least, Halo Infinite will make the 2020 deadline, however, it likely might not be here until late November or early December. But at this point, I wouldn't be so sure about anything, so like, 75% sure It'll be here before 2021.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought infinite was going to be released Holdiay 2020 assuming there were no delays, so I kind of doubt we’ll get it then. But hey, at least you’re hopeful
Technically yes, it was announced that the release date would be holiday 2020, however, other games with similar time frames have delayed their launch dates due to the virus. Hence the hopeful skepticism.
If it get delayed, it will be shocking. But I will understand and hope for the best.
The only wish I have with Halo Infinite is that it's released as a complete game. However, mainly due to the secrecy and that I haven't been up to date about the information surrounding the game, I will not speculate about a release date.
I will continue to hope.
100% yes. Looking at the bigger picture, we're 6 months away from the launch of Halo Infinite assuming it's still on time. If you look back at the launch years for previous Halo games, we should have more information than we currently have. The last bit of anything we heard was at E3 2019 aside from the Halo Infinite collectibles by Wicked Cool Toys. If you look back at Halo 5: Guardians, which came out in October 2015, we had information regarding the campaign, characters, and consumed with the "Hunt The Truth" anti-campaign by March/April 2015.

Don't you think it's a tad odd that we haven't heard or seen anything in almost a year? I'm not criticizing 343 though it'd be nice to hear something regarding what the latest is on Infinite's development. If its going to be delayed, that's fine, just come out and say it already. Besides, a 2021 release is much more fitting given that it'll be the 20th anniversary of Halo. Think about it! Hyping up Halo Infinite's release with a second tour of Outpost Discovery, HaloFest 2.0 details, and the Halo TV series by Showtime. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to me.
True, but why wait another year for a cute little thing? And honestly the virus Id bet would be gone by like July, or life has returned to normal (with minor changes so life can get back to normal). I don't think that they would delay the release, maybe Disc versions but online? Not one bit.
John9895 wrote:
Considering the current state of things, I would not be surprised if the game gets delayed. Infinite is too important to fail; it is critical to the success of both the Series X and the Halo franchise going forward. 343/Microsoft is not going to release the game unless they are absolutely sure that it will be a hit. Also, like TheLegendary117 said, a delayed release means that they would have more time to promote the game and test for issues. It would also line up perfectly with the 20th anniversary of Halo.

I would have no problem with Infinite being delayed if that is what it comes down to, and I don't think that it would be right to blame 343/Microsoft. I blame the CCP for letting this virus get out of control. I just want everyone working on the game to stay safe, and if that means a delayed game then so be it.
Yeah but if they did that wouldn't they of just teased toys and trailers all that later than what they did? Honestly if they push it a full year just for a cute little 20 Anniversary thing, I find it petty, when they could do something in-game that could be more fitting.
The sooner everything gets back to normal the better for the Gaming industry.
It will be delayed.
It has been delayed
They did delay it. I just hope it gets out by the holidays of this year.
They did delay it. I just hope it gets out by the holidays of this year.
Thankfully it’s coming in the fall, they’ve confirmed this. I’m suspecting maybe November 15, which’ll be the 20th anniversary of CE.
Sadly probably but if it dose then hopefully it will be better when it comes out hope they dont rush it
It’s already been delayed once, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it gets pushed back again... that being said, I believe they’ve had plenty of time to 1) finish the game and 2) fix the problems thus far and should have minimal bugs when it does release...
How the turntables am I right?

Fr though this is pretty funny to look at in 2021
The post aged pretty well in terms of general results. And I'm betting it'll get locked eventually for being practically irrelevant at this point.
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