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Does halo need sprint?

OP j2e7r0o4en

I think its usefull for the bigger maps i just find it stupid that when i get shot it cancels sprint and returns to slow walking not so usefull when you are trying to get some distance between you and your opponent so i feel like halo could do without sprint just or they need to adjust it so that you can run when you need it
Either sprint or a higher base movement speed, like the MLG settings in Halo 3.
Of course I love the sprint feature. You gamble running for cover with low shields or wait close by to get the quicker shields. And it's just fun sprinting.
I find the game itself is to slow without sprint.
I don't think it necessarily needs it but I really like it.
You could say that if you were losing a fight, you'd just run as fast as you can. But a well-trained Spartan would know to never lower your weapon.