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Empty Forge maps or 'Filled' Maps?

OP Eagle 2448

Do you like Empty maps more, or Filled maps more?

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Sorry if I misspelled some, but I hope you get the gist of what I mean.
Filled doesn't mean filled with objects, but less like a blank canvas.
If Im creating something, then I prefer something like forge world, there are varying terrains & you simply start adding to it to create something mostly new.
If I think of creating gamemode, I need a map for that so depending on what the planned goal is & how simple the mode is supposed to be, then either own created map for special modes & existing pre-filled map for quick testing.

But generally I prefer as blank canvas as possible.
At this point, with H5's forge and assuming Infinite will be better, empty maps would be totally redundant because you have the same potential with every map. They should not put so many barriers on large maps and it would be perfect IMO