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I really enjoy fighting variety rich foot soldier factions and the Covenant fit that bill so thats my pick.

That said, the Flood are also a fun enemy to fight that has zombie-esq qualities to them which provides very different gameplay from any other faction.

The Promethean faction could use some more work but so far they've established themselves as one of the most tactical and tough to eliminate forces to this day which is a nice quality to differentiate from the others.
The convenant , has a variety of enemies to fight with.
Gotta go with the Flood. My user name is SpaceCrabs what can I say? Haha
but seriously I think the flood and Gravemind is one of the coolest concepts in video games.
Covenant all the way, Elegant enemies that have good AI in most games, with 2's insight on the Covenant's story, how could you not love them?
I also go with Covenant. They were the original idea Bungie had for baddies to shoot at and thus balanced them perfectly all around. Really fun fights.
The Covenant. I feel guilty killing them sometimes, but I really like the enemy variants. I like the flood too! Prometheans are... interesting.
im just saying the flood because I miss them lol
It's not listed but the Hunters are my favorite enemies.
  • Mgalekgolo - walking tanks, need I say more?
Lmao just pull out a CE Pistol
I’d have to go with the Covenant.
SpitRice wrote:
i dont think anyone realy likes prometheans.
I think they all have their ups and downs.


Pros: OG. There’s a variety. Lots of lore. Great voice lines.

Cons: Repetitive. It’s in every game. Lost some of its variety.


Pros: OG. Mysterious. Challenging.

Cons: Can get overwhelming, and nearly impossible to beat on legendary. Gross and pure evil.


Pros: New. Looks pretty cool. Variety. Got some good weapons.

Cons: New, people haven’t warmed up to them. Only one vehicle. Annoyingly difficult to fight on heroic or above.

That being said I vote for Covenant. Also you didn’t include the Banished. They are pretty awesome too.
Well the thing about the Prometheans it felt like the took the sentinels and the flood and put them together. The crawlers just charge at you much like flood, also the weapons they drop is very similar to UNSC much like fighting infected Marines. Given that they have floating watchers and Knights that teleport to attack you from odd angels taking away your cover, give them a brutal melee attack, yup it is flood and sentinels put together.

First step is to change the crawler AI and strategy. Instead of making them a swarm enemy you can make them packs but they focus more on flanking and maintaining distance instead of suicidal charges straight at you. That is more of the forerunner tactics. You want to swarm of suicidal enemies charging at you, bring back the flood.

As for the Banished they are Covenant (much like Prometheans are Forerunner) but now the Big 4 are broken into these splinter factions, with the exception for the flood (as far as we know).
Anything but the prometheans.
same here
Def the covenant. I missed them in later games when we started fighting the proms
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