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Favorite Combat Evolved mission/level/chapter etc.

OP MeleeWolf

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I really liked the first level with all the corridors and Covenant.
I have to go with the library cuz I remember being young and just panic bashing everything. Now I’m alittle older I don’t panic bash but I still get the same urgency feeling running through that level.
Two Betrayals. I like how its finally 3 teams fighting each other, Covenant vs Flood vs UNSC (Just chief at this point but still). So you can sit back and watch the A.I fight it out or join into a blitzkrieg of fighting through the canyons and corridors. Also it plays "under cover of night" which is just a great song for the level and the fight where it plays, watching the covenant fight an approaching swarm of flood under a snowy full moon as a banshee flys overhead... beautiful.
Unfortunately, Silent Cartographer is second. The Library was so fun fighting against the seemingly endless hordes of Flood. Flood vs Me and the Shotty....... nope. I liked how long it took me to get through that part to. And as hard as it was I didn't die very much so that was nice.
The Maw was my favorite! Doing the hog run on co-op was too fun!
I can only think of best three with no clear winner. Assault on the control room, 343 guilty spark and the Maw.
Though pillar of autumn gets close, its the one that started it all.

343 guilty spark was just seeing covenant flee in terror, shotgunning some flood faces (i guess those could be counted as faces?), and fighting through flood hordes with marine survivors.

Assault on the control room because tank beats everything, not really that but because it had varying choices of vehicles, soloing around and fighting alongside of marines, it also had varying enemy classes from covenant ranks.

The Maw because of the different factions fighting with various enemy classes and how i could mention maw without The warthog run with capital "T".
I see silent cartographer still has the highest number of votes. It's a great level too. The somewhat open approach of starting the level. The way you basically work your way to the bottom of a mysterious underground structure and then have to fight your back to the top. Oh and the moment the music kicks in is awesome.
Halo. That level got me into halo. The level felt open and i would try to explore the level. The mission is engrained in my mind.
I’ll go with AOTCR. I just loved the frozen landscape and all the snow. My father loved it as well back in 2001.
And I also love speedrunning on it, because it allows me to explore the vast majority of the level without enemy interference.
Toss up between Silent Cartographer and 343 Guilty Spark. I loved and miss storming the beaches of Silent Cartographer but also the creepy and eery feelings you get when you play through 343 Guilty Spark. Both are great missions but I chose Silent Cartographer on the poll.
343 guilty spark it was the introduction to the flood
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