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I like the Grunts the most. Not sure why but I think it is because they seemed comical in halo 3.
Flood cause they spooky.
Drones are the Halo equivalent of mosquitos, and just as annoying.
The flood bring such a big change to the way you have to play the game, they get my vote.
In my opinion the promeatheins are my favorite of how much of a challenge they give me like the halo 5 hunter I always thought that they were weak until I played in halo 5 the things that give me a challenge always makes me more happy to know that something is better than me and that I need to improve.
Elites are the most interesting enemies, and also the most enjoyable to fight.
The flood are really fun to fight giving that Nazi Zombies vibe where you’re just running around trying to scavenge for whatever weapons you can find, and they are satisfying to shoot too. I’m very surprised anyone picked promethians, ugh.
In terms of easiest to fight, grunts especially with the birthday party skull on. That little explosion is so satisfying
I always liked Elites. They’re the most challenging, typically, and they give me almost the same rush as playing multiplayer, as far as going for the shield break and the. the headshot. My least favorite is easily prometheans. Nothing about them feels like, sounds like, fights like, or really looks like Halo to me. Even landing precision hits or kills on them is just unsatisfying.
Hunter is by far my favorite enemy to engage, being that you can't neutralize them the same way you do with a simple alien. And they look badass creepy in Halo 5 with their glowing eyes like daang.
Elites are honourable opponents
Grunts, if I had the time, I would listen to all of them.
grunts are way to funny.
elites have a shielding system so they are a interesting opponent, take out shields with covenant weapons
Hunters have just always had a "Uh Oh" level presence that can't be competed with to me. They are the frosting on the cake of combat. Alone, I prefer elite/grunt troops, but Hunters dynamic is just not something that can be found in any other shooters.
I have always liked the design of the brutes, and ever since Halo 3 I have found them to be a fun enemy.
Flood all the way
Elites were the best overall, fun to play as and fun to fight.
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