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Favorite Forerunner weapon.

OP MeleeWolf

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I respect the binary rifle because that's how I feel the beam rifle should have been. What is it? Jackal snipers can one-shoot you? Why can you? Also the red light that warned you from it...
Incineration Cannon
When I use Binary, I incinerate the enemy.
Halo 4 Binary Rifle always felt so good to use. Hate what they made of it in Halo 5. If I wanted a Focus Rifle I'd ask for Reach back a bit harder.
I came here expecting to be able to select "Sentinel Beam". Where is my beloved Sentinel Beam? I demand a Sentinel Beam!
I love the Bungie era versions. I love the unorthodox design considering their literally meant to be dangling off flying ancient robots. Halo 3's would be my favourite if it didn't have so many blue lights everywhere. Just a little bit of red near the 'barrel' and it would have been perfect.
The light rifle is great. I especially like how in halo 5 it is a 3-shot kill if you are zoomed in. If not for the light rifle, i'd say the splinter grenades because it is great to watch someone get disintegrated.
Lightrifle and Binary Rifle haha
Suppressor was overpowered in Halo 4, but not as strong in Halo 5. But the razor's edge? Underrated and awesome. I got 3 killing frenzy s with that thing!
I like that scattershot for the potential corner shots you can pull. I love being that guy that can hold down a few enemies from around a corner, allowing my teammates to flank and drop them!

Also loved the pulse grenade from Halo 4, but I think the splinter grenade might be better in terms of playability. It keeps players from entering doorways and buys you time in any number of situations.
The incineration cannon was OP in Halo 4. Still, Halo 5 has soem great variants in warzone.
For Halo 4 nothing surpasses the fun of tearing through everything is sight during the Campaign with a Suppressor, but in Halo 5 the Light Rifle is one of the few things I ever trade my Magnum for. That 3 hit headshot kill is a beautiful thing.
Blue Sentinel Beam from Halo 2 was my favorite, sadly it never made a return.

Other than that the H4 light rifle was unique, but then it just became another DMR.

The Incenerator cannon is the only thing that is slightly different from other weapons.
uh, the shotgun one, I always name them like "promethean shotgun, promethean dmr, promethean sniper, etc." because I just can't memorize their actual names
Lightrifle although like all things Promethean, still disappointing and inferior to the other options.
Light Rifle. Clean gun. Nice sound effects, fun to shoot.

Binary Rifle is awesome as well, but I'd have to pick a standard Light Rifle for my 'every situation' option.
The H5 Incineration Cannon is pretty fun (in an incredibly OP way) in Super Fiesta or Warzone, just run around holding a charged shot and as soon as someone appears instantly get a kill.
EchoLoco2 wrote:
Other: Sentinel beam because it's not a reskin of a previously existing weapon
This, tbh.
In particular, the H2A Sentinel Beam, because it shreds.
Lightrifle is basically a DMR so no question and the binary rifle because it's overpowered.
Destroys a man with a mini cannon, "Are you not entertained?!"
Halo 5 incin
Halo 4 bolt shot
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