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Favorite Game Mode

OP TrueTDtanker

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Which is your favorite multiplayer mode

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I usually hang out in the Warzone area of Halo multiplayer, but I recently have been playing with a friend who enjoys more competitive game modes, so I thought I would see which game modes people enjoy!
Husky Raid has always been pog! When they brought out the player built maps it was super exciting! Since it's a guaranteed CTF game, that's what does it for me!
I mostly play Slayer and Warzone, but Big Team Battle is fun! Action Sack is craziness lol
Firefight, Husky Raid, & BTB Super Fiesta are the go to’s for me. Never knowing what weapon your going to spawn with is always exciting. Always looking for people to play with so send me a message if you are trying to play!
Out of the options you provided, I’d have to go with shotty snipes.
Volize wrote:
Out of the options you provided, I’d have to go with shotty snipes.
Yes! That is the one that my friend likes to play, and even though I stink at it, I’m getting kinda good, at a 2 kills/1 death ratio...
Of the options listed I chose warzone firefight.
Of the options provided, shotty snipes is my favorite. But if I were to truly give my all time favorite gamemode outside of the above options, Invasion from reach takes the cake here.
Action sack, love playing it
I have burned out FF, so husky raid for me
I have been playing the crap out of husky raid and really enjoying it. My only complaint with it is the coordinated teams that will play against fandoms and spawn kill over and over and over that you run into occasionally, without even trying to cap any flags. That’s not fun.
Heroic warzone firefight
For Me, it's always Invasion or SWAT. Can't wait to experience Invasion on my XB1X soon
I think action sack is the one where you can have the most fun. It has a lot a different game types and (normally) friendly people in them.
Husky Raid. I’ve been gaming all day on Saturday by just being in Husky Raid. I saw a picture of the control room map and I’ve honestly been trying with no luck to get a game on it.
Invasion from REACH and shotty snipers hands down
Firefight, it's the only game mode I can get a match.
I'm a big fan of infection
Going off the list infection but my all time fav mode is definitely invasion
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