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Favorite Halo 2 Mission.

OP MeleeWolf

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This is intended to discuss your favorite Halo 2 missions as there are way more of them then can fit in a poll.
list incase you can't think of the names: The Heretic • The Armory • Cairo Station • Outskirts • Metropolis • The Arbiter • The Oracle • Delta Halo • Regret • Sacred Icon • Quarantine Zone • Gravemind • Uprising • High Charity • The Great Journey
Mine is Gravemind as it showed you that the Flood were truly something more than just space zombies, that they were pretty much a "species" of their own. and because of "Blow Me Away".
My favorite would have to be The Great Journey. A main reason being that my three favorite tracks in Halo 2/H2A's OST (Earth City/Kilindini Harbour, Impend/Impart, and Heretic, Hero/Zealous Champion) play while in combat. I also like how it combines a lot of the core aspects of Halo 2's gameplay: vehicle gameplay with the Wraith, air vehicle gameplay with Banshee dogfights, and mid-range combat when traversing corridors with ally Hunters and Elites. The cutscenes added the perfect amount of tension between Tartarus and Arbiter and were awesome in general.

We can forget about the boss fight though. That sucked.
I think I will go with Delta Halo on this one. I love the cutscene at the start of the level, with chief and a couple of ODST's falling straight into a group of Covenant. When i first played Halo 2 that was one of my favorite moments in the entire game. Then you get to fight a few waves of Grunts, Elites and Jackals while listening to some classical Halo 2 music. I love the Tank section (because Tank). And then there is the Sniper Canyon wich is fun on lower difficulties (I refuse to go there on legendary). And then the level ends with a pretty good view of the lake, the Covenant Carrier and the Quarantine Zone around the Library.
The Great Journey is not only the best level in Halo 2, but the best final level in any of the original trilogy Halos. Unlike The Maw and Halo, The Great Journey doesn't require a Warthog run to be memorable. The mission features a great mix of heavy vehicle, infantry and air combat, as well as the ability to fight alongside Hunters for the first and only time in the entire series. I love working with them to fight back against the brutes and free the Elite prisoners. Helping Johnson towards the end of the mission was also a lot of fun (aside from the boss fight obviously). Tartarus and his Brutes are a threat that so many characters need to come together in order to stop, so the alliances we form during this mission really help give this mission a sense of scale that it needs to be a truly epic conclusion to Halo 2's campaign.
outskirts. I can't explain too much why this is my favorite, just trying to regroup and fighting our way through a war torn city is fun I guess. plus the intro cutscene is just gold and the blur version made it a hundred times better. delta halo's a close second.
Back in 2004 the arbiter cuz UR THE FREAKING ARBITER but sense I got the MCC great journey it has everything u need in a strong level minus a hog run.
Easy, Delta Halo!
Gravemind, I loved how chaotic and story driven it was.
Gravemind and Regret were great, though I really can't choose for this one.
Can I have the option for All Of The Above

Can I have the option for All Of The Above :P
Yeah, to many good ones too choose lol!
Delta Halo by far!
Okay, now this is something I really cant decide. Halo 2 is simply enjoyable through and through.
Metropolis! I love fighting the scarab and driving that tank around!
Metropolis! I love fighting the scarab and driving that tank around!
Yes, me too.
My favorite Halo 2 mission is Great Journey because it's so epic to be 1.The Arbiter stopping Tartarus and 2. Teaming up the most badass person in Halo, Sergeant Johnson with a scarab!
outskirts for me, I used to replay that mission for hours all the time
Delta Halo. Love the environment with ruins and tropical greens. I also love the starting music as it is the only track that lives up to Halo CE's soundtrack imo.

Regret is also pretty good. Sniping jackals is fun and the gondola ride was entertaining. The elevator ride through the lake was pretty cool as well. Oh and how can one forget the pleasure of beating the prophet to death?

One of those two levels...
This is a good one right here! My favorite mission had to of been Delta Halo. Landing with the ODST's and tearing through beautiful scenery. Good days right there!!
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