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Favorite Halo 3 Mission.

OP MeleeWolf

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A discussion topic to talk about your favorite Halo 3 Mission.
Mission List: Arrival • Sierra 117 • Crow's Nest • Tsavo Highway • The Storm • Floodgate • The Ark • The Covenant • Cortana • Halo.
For me it is "The Covenant" as it is the fall of the Covenant. All the other games had been leading to that mission where you finally put an end to the war that you've become a part of in these games.
Tsavo Highway.
When I first got Halo3, after playing through the campaign a few times, I started collecting vehicles, and this is one level where I was able to collect a bunch. I used the BR and Sniper Rifles almost exclusively, sniping out drivers and before finishing the level (killing the last Chieftain), I'd collect all of the vehicles I'd managed to get that far on the bridge.
If I remember correctly, I had usually had at least 4 Wraiths, over a dozen Choppers, and a couple Warthogs.
Im picking "The Covenant" on this one. The Level has a good mix between different types of combat (corridors and Buildings for Close range and open Areas for vehicles) and even allows us to fly hornets. It also marks the end of the Covenant and has that epic fight against 2 Scarabs.
Mine would probably have to be The Ark. I love the open feel you get with this level - just about every segment that takes place outside is wide open and is a literal sandbox (also given that it takes place in a sand-filled landscape on the Ark lol). Ironically, it is one of the more difficult levels for me, but I love the challenging aspect of the mission. (Also, I think we can agree that traveling with/fighting alongside a band of Scorpions and Warthogs is simply badass.)
It would have to be Halo for me, the final sequence. Love it!
Definitel, Halo, the warthog run is iconic
The Storm. I've always loved that one.
Cortana...just run.....and run...toss a nade, run run run
Halo, fight up the tower and then ride like your life depends on it. After all, it does.
The Ark, need I say more?
To be fair I wasn’t fond of Halo 3’s campaign, but have to admit this, Halo was my favourite level, the Iconic Warthog run was enjoyable especially fighting through the Flood to light the ring
I can't even remember the name of the mission I think it's The Storm. Well, it's the one where you meet the first scarab in Halo 3.
Halo was my favorite. The death of Johnson, the hog run, it felt like you where finishing the fight.
Either The Covenant, or Halo. I would say Cortana, but that level scared the -Yoink- out of me as a kid.
Just another decision where i cant make a decision.
Idk why but I really love tsavo highway. I love trying to keep the marines alive.
My favorite Halo 3 mission is The Covenant's cool.
First mission you fight a scarb
Floodgate is my favorite mission
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