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Favorite Halo CE Weapon


My favorite weapon personally is the pistol because it's overpowered and is pretty much good at everything and every scenario and is reliable. But anyways what is your favorite? Vote and comment your choice.
I dont think there is much of a competition here, much like in various similar topics around, but I also think that every weapon in Halo Combat Evolved added the much needed variety for even though there is the obvious all-rounder as an answer, the weapon variety is the salt in gameplay.
Of course, the CE magnum is iconic, and very powerful, though I will say after playing a bit of it recently I love how insane the CE Rockets are.
Mine is the rocket Launcher mainly because of the way explosion Physics worked back in the game. It was always fun to send Warthogs flying.
Big shotgun fan in real life and in the games. Of course for the Flood, it was an unstoppable force. But even against the Covenant, it was a very good weapon for cleaning up Grunts, destroying Jackal shield gauntlets, and taking out Elite energy shields.

The CE sandbox was so simple in an elegant way. Each weapon had a clearly defined role. but the jack of all trades aspect of the shotgun really puts it on top for me. It's hard to go wrong with it in almost every environment.
AssRif...simply because that is normally what i get stuck with...:)
Plasma Rifle. Gotta love the old stun mechanic.
The CE magnum of course! Even on Legendary against those blasted hunters it's a one shot!
The CE Magnum of course. Its one of the most Legendary and iconic weapons in all of gaming!
The pistol by far
The shotgun. It had a clean design, it sounded like a powerhouse, and I liked the slightly different reload animation when you loaded from empty. It was also a force to be reckoned with, so it was my go to as soon as it was available
Definitely the CE pistol because it’s the most universal.
Got to go with the pistol.