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Favorite Halo game with chief in it

OP Foulmonkey12

Favorite Halo game with chief in it

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Mine is Halo 2 because it was my first Halo and have had lots of fun playing it.
Halo CE was my favorite Halo Campaign, so I'll have to go with it.
Halo 3. WAIT!
Does Reach count? He had that easter egg...
Remember Reach
H3 all day every day
Halo 2. Best campaign.
Started playing at 4 and it was good enough to make me immediately play the rest of them.
halo 3 I been hooked since
Halo: CE was and always will be my favorite.
Halo 2 obviamente
Halo 2 is legend! It’s too bad halo 5 wasn’t done more like Halo 2 (focus on chief some Arby missions, vs focus on Locke’s squad 2 chief missions)...
Halo 2!
Torn between H2 and 3 for its story and 5 because it was my first.

I go with 3
CE, where it all began.
Halo 3, because it's Halo 3
I got to go with halo 3 because it is the one that started it all for me.