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Favorite Halo game

OP Vital

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Which was your favorite Halo game?

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Personally my favorite was Halo 2 for many reasons, but I wanna hear what the community thinks!
I like all of them but no way to select all of them so I put Halo 2 but the classic version
I think all the Halo games have been great, at least in their own way, but I'm gonna have to say my favorite is Reach.
I love them all but, I just really like ODST.
i love them all
I love all of them but my personal favorite was Halo 3!
Wow, a three way tie. Reach will always be my baby because that is when i started to make friends and really get in to the multiplayer side of Halo.
Reach had the best and most memorable multiplayer (for me)
Halo: Combat Evolved was not only the first Halo game (back in 2001 or 2002) I'd ever played, but the first FPS (at least the first good one) I'd ever played as well. To this day, I still think it has the best singleplayer, and the best multiplayer, of any Halo game.
H3 kid for life
Halo reach all the way
Reach really did it for me. Especially the fact that you could have custom armors in campaign
Halo 3, it was my first and I never get bored of its Campaign and BTB. Plus the starter of custom games.
Halo 2, that's my childhood!
I really liked the reach campaign.
Favorite? 3.
Most Played? Reach.
Kind of an opened ended question.
Favorite Halo Campaign: Tie Between CE and ODST
Favorite Halo Multiplayer: Tie between Halo 2 and Halo 3
Halo 2 is best for me
I like every Halo even if it is bad, but Halo Reach was my favorite due to forge and invasion.
Was almost the first vote for halo 4 lol. I remember I bought an xbox 360 just for halo 3. Its still my fav.
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