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Favorite halo lore moment

OP Louis84428210

I have too many to choose from, so I'll just pick from the list you provided. First Strike has to be one of my favorite books in the series. I played the games long before I read the books, so getting to read First Strike and learning about how Johnson and the Chief actually got back to Earth (which the armorer in Halo 2 specifically asked about) was a real treat.

I love how Bungie would prioritize game lore over extended lore, but would still add in little moments like that for us lore fans. While I definitely appreciate 343's approach that puts all lore on equal footing, moments like that showed me that Bungie still cared about the extended lore, even if they were willing to retcon extended lore in favor of game lore.

Not to go beyond your thread topic OP, but I think 343 could learn from that approach. With them trying to make Infinite a simpler story for more casual fans, moments like that from Halo 2 were great examples of meshing extended lore and game lore without losing casual fans in the minutia of the extended lore. Those who read First Strike knew all about how Johnson got back from Installation 04, while casual fans could just accept the "it's classified" response at face value.
Reach easily
I like most of them it’s hard to choose
Shortly before the release of Halo 3 my friend introduced me to Halo Combat Evolved and while I was late to getting to this amazing franchise by the third entry, I quickly became a huge fan. The Pillar of Autumn was just a great mission and experience for me and still remains to be in my top 5's for all Halo games.
Playing Halo 2 as the Aribiter and learning that all the aliens can talk instead of just making noises.
Despite the issues with lore consistency, I love the Fall of Reach.
If yours isn't there, say it in the comments!

(like any ONI stuff for exemple)
Keyes Loop at the Battle of Sigma Octanus
Some good ones on this list, but I'll have to go with Reach.
I really liked Contact Harvest and how the war started
I loved it when Halsey handed over Cortana to get it on the Pillar of Autumn in Halo Reach
I like the ealy lore for master chief, particularily him on reach
While I do love love the story of the Fall of Reach, I am a huge fan of Master Chief's gameplay moments. He's such a great character and his whole story is filled with awesome, interesting lore moments.
Playing Halo 2 as the Aribiter and learning that all the aliens can talk instead of just making noises.
Oh yes, I remember having that realization too
Forerunner flood war
The early training of Spartans was really interesting to me. Like the first mission that blue team went on, to capture colonial Watts.
I love Reach, but have more memories tied to gameplay. I feel like no mater how many books or videos I watch of other events, nothing will beat going to a friend's house or late nights on Xbox live beating the campaign together.
The Forerunner saga. There is literally so much we dont know. I want to see more of ancient humanity.