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Favorite precision weapon?

OP Jetsflighter572

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Pistols do not count.

Make Your Selection:

The battle rifle will always be my go to in precision
I love the feel of a single shot semi-auto ranged weapon. DMR for sure.
I always pefer semi auto than burst fire, DMR all the way
Never understood why but it is the Carbine.
DMR. It always feels like I miss more shots with the BR than I do with the DMR.
I feel like the DMR is better but, I like the BR more
BR is a classic, and will always be my favorite due to nostalgia. The others are cool in their own way though
I need to update it with the infinite vk78 commando.
The needle rifle. Full auto, extremely accurate, and the added bonus of the supercombine feature.
I still like the Battle Rifle in the Halo video games.
I'm torn between the dmr and br the dmr was really good in reach but I like the br from Halo 4 and I liked the carbine from Halo 2 (update) I'm gonna vote for dmr I like the br but I prefer the dmr cuz I like the feel of it
The needle rifle is just such a cool concept. Wish it was better but exploding legendary brutes with three shots is just.... Muah!
Can the Commando from infinite be an option?
inch1ne wrote:
Can the Commando from infinite be an option?
I like the Commando it take some practice but overall handles pretty good I just wish the crosshair was just a little bit bigger other than that i have no problem with it I think its a worthy replacement for the DMR
I'm a Carbine kind of person, though I'll take a BR.
Battle Rifle is my favourite game gun
I prefer the original version of the Battlerifle in the games that have it.

In Halo Reach and Halo 4 I prefer the DMR.
BR of course
Like other polls, BR 4life
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