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Favorite SPARTAN armor

OP Thurmanator7

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Would love to know which one you like best
For a set, I'm tied for Scout and MK VI. My ideal armor is in my avatar. If at some point in time I change my avatar, look at my Halo 4 service record.
Between Recruit, Aviator and Air assault
Halo 3:
ODST, Recon, Hayabusa, Marathon (Security)

Security, Commando, GUNGNIR, JFO

Halo 4:
Locust, Venator, EOD, Recruit
Halo 3 Recon
ODST has been one of my favorites across the games, but I have other game specific favorites as well.
I'm for Mark V
I love the Pilot helmet from Reach.
Mark VI
Mark V !
Mark IV always wins!
I'm a fan of the ODST armor. Pretty much as modern as you can get in the halo universe.
H2A: Mk VI
H3: ODST, Mk V
H4/5: Wetwork, Scout, Mk V
reach security MP
ODST it just looks so good in every game
i like pilot stuff so air for me
ODST and Mark VI
Raider - I enjoy how genuinely menacing the helmet actually looks, very unique design!
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