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Favorite Weapons to dual wield

OP Nextao

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Gitta get them dual SMGS
either dual plasma rifles or plasma rifle and smg. unless it's halo 2 then it's dual magnums
Doing the glitch in Halo 2 where you could have the same weapon in your primary as your secondry and then dual wielding needlers and having x3 the ammo.

Yeah you can’t beat that.
Probably dual needlers....soon as someone saw those there practically dead. ;)
dual needlers and magnum smg
Halo 2 pistols
Plasma Pistol to drop shields, and Magnum for headshots.
Any basically, usually prefer both of them beign from same faction. Also as the exception, the noob combo ( plasma pistol and magnum). Also in some cases (depending on level or if its in multiplayer) other thats good against shields and other against unshielded or precision weapon.

Depends on the situation and its about the user. Also not so good weapon is better than empty one. Unless melee is most effective strategy at the time and weapon has more useful/powerful melee like Halo 2 brute shot as one.
Halo 2CE Brute Plasma Rifles for sure. You could feel the punch behind them.
Maulers smgs and magnums hella dad
smg or needler
SMGs is my prefered choice,but needler is sometimes more practical.
Plasma Rifle and SMG. Melts through players like butter.
Them dual SMG's! A lot of firepower with one and to duel weild 2 made you the deadliest soldier out there.
Halo 2 magnums, solely for the way it sounds (especially in halo 2A) *eargasms*
Dual SMGs are my favorite, if only because MC sports them on the cover of Halo 2 ;-)
Dual wielding smgs
Dual Plasma Rifles... because they got me through the hell that is Cortana on Legendary in Halo 3.
Red Plasma on the left, Blue Plasma on the right.
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