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Favourite Halo Vehicle?

OP TheHunter2529

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Was very difficult for me to choose between ghost and mantis. Really surprised by how few people chose the mantis
I love all the aerial vehicles. Especially the hornet and banshee.
I'd say Warthog, It's fun blastin enemies with that triple barrel .50 Cal.
Warthog. When you see it you think "Halo"
I personally love the Revenant from Reach
My favorite is the Ghost. I love the color and the sound and the sleek design, it's just an all round awesome vehicle.
The Scorpion tank is my favorite by far, close 2nd has to be the Warthog.
I love the Mantis but I gotta go Warthog on this. Too many good memories of bouncing those toy cars around at the end of CE and H3.
It was honestly really close between the UNSC air vehicles, the Warthog, the Mantis and the Scorpion, but I went with the Scorpion because it's a tank... and tank beats everything!
The old style scorpion. Next would be the Falcons from Halo Reach's campaign.
Banshee all the way
The dropships have always appealed to me. They're so iconic, and often what I associate Halo with, besides Master Chief of course.
Ghost is my favorite. Has the ability to move in and out of battle quickly. Easy kills if you know how to use it.
Rock paper scissors tank.
Tank beats all.
I think the Mantis is so fun to use, and even the animations for it are so cool. But I think we all know that the forklift is the best overall
It's a difficult choice because I like a lot of Halo's vehicles, on both the UNSC side and the Covenant side. That being said, I'm going to have to go with the Pelican. Specifically, the D77-TC and its D77H-TCI variant, as seen in the original trilogy. I don't mind the D79 Pelican of H4 & H5, but it just doesn't have the same...feel to it, I suppose. I don't know how to describe it. Still absolutely love the Pelican though.
Ghost, gloomily.
I like the Wasps in Halo 5. Especially the ONI variant.
I will definitely go for the Forklift in Halo Reach. It's an essential part in performing the Forklift skip in Nightfall and gives some signs of civilization.
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