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(Gameplay) Implementation of Radar?

OP Zooodzial

I say Reach, because it differentiates between upper and lower Levels/Floors.
Just a note OP, had to remove the last item from your Poll as it's modded content :)
I'd agree Reach had the best use of radar
i never really thought much about it... i would do whichever game had the greatest radar distance
Personally, I remove radar in custom games. Easier to assassinate that way ;) but, in games like Super Fiesta and the Campaign, I have to say Halo 5 is my favorite Radar so far.
Reach had the best by far. I hardly looked anywhere else but at the motion detector when I played online lol
realmente juego con o sin el radar y aun así ambos me gustaron pero opino que el de halo 5 esta mejor ya que me agrada mas por el momento xd