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H5 Utility Weapon: Magnum or BR? Vote!

OP RollCats

With the controversial weapon tuning test out, it seems 343i is looking to change the sandbox and tune around a different utility weapon: The newly nerfed BR. Do you think this is a good idea? NOTE: Vote on your ideal preference, not necessarily the pre-patch or post-patch tuning. If the tuning could be 'perfected', do you prefer to start with the magnum or the BR?
I have tried to change the post to a poll, but I don't have that as an option. Halp!! stckrboy
RollCats wrote:
I have tried to change the post to a poll, but I don't have that as an option. Halp!! stckrboy
Polls are broke right now sorry, but the team are aware and working to fix
I like BR starts so BR
Br over magnum anyday. I actually prefer the DMR over the BR now though.

Feels og, and by now it's defined the character of the game for me.

Wouldn't mind if h6 has br starts, as long as it's balanced nothing like h5 current (pre tune) br. If you didn't play the h5 beta, don't even get at me how 'br starts in h5 are good!!1!'
I would say magnum becauce i am an aggressive player so most incounters are close quarters and if they try to run then the my trusty little magnum will finnish them off!
Gotta go with the magnum here. It’s a good all around weapon. Better at close range than a BR.
BR its more mlg
In all previous Halos I would have said battle rifle, but Halo 5 changed the formula, and made the magnum efficient again. So my answer is: Magnum.
MAGNUM in H5 is the most solid utility weapon in any Halo.
I prefer the pistol. I just dont really like the br a lot in h5.
br all the way
Magnum always. The true secondary and utility weapon in Halo.
Yea, the magnum has become a lot more accurate than in recent Halos. The BR is good at long and medium range and has become much more effective in H5. Gonna have to go with the BR.
I'm probably going to go with the BR.
br. sometimes I choose the tactical or gun fighter one over certain br's but I'd go for most br's first.