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Halo 2 Anniversary MP

OP PIasmaArch3r

Well in general, Anniversary editions should stay as true to the original as possible with a bit of a facelift to have sort of callback or a form of representation for newer members of the community.
Sure it wont be the same but at least they can try to create something as accurate as possible in the current situation.

When game gets completely remade only using elements from what could be classified as "inspiration", then it could be more "modern" or something riding the current trendwave, whatever the case, then it should do a new thing.

Though I prefer no remakes in case of Halo, entirely new is better than recycled story with maybe a few new twists, & by "new" I mean it's own thing rather than something that follows every modern trend that happens to pass by as evolution in gaming is not a singular straight line.
I like H2A anniversary the way it is. I didn't really get into the multiplayer of Halo until Halo 3 so I don't really have good ground to compare classic and anniversary but I liked it, just wish 343 would add more maps to anniversary, that would be freaking sweet.
Halo 2A's multiplayer feels pretty fun. The thing is that it feels different than og Halo 2's multiplayer and kind of a mix between that and Halo 4's, but despite the fact that such a mixing could be dangerous for a remastered multiplayer I quite like it. The only problem is that they didn't really promote it well and I feel like it's the least played component of the MCC (besides perhaps Halo 4's multiplayer). They needed to push it more to the forefront and there should've been challenges/incentives/progression at launch, as it feels very barebones (although the maps they did remaster are very nice).

At this point, they're going to add challenges (and progression perhaps) for Halo 2A multiplayer, and that's a good step. It seems a bit late for it to be a core component of the multiplayer offerings in MCC.
Really 50% “It should resemble H2C” ???

I understand that not everyone enjoys it, it’s not like I have any bias towards it myself either. But they literally added both to MCC for a reason... If you like H2C, then play H2C....
honestly, I think H2A should (and is going to) stay the way it is. all the weapons are perfectly balance (except needler and magnum, not worth using still) and play their part well. what it really needs is more maps and customization.
I like the gameplay and all that stuff from H2A, but yeah, more maps would be wonderful. Better customization would be nice too.
I loved H2A. All it needs is more maps.
I think it could resemble H2C, but I like how it is trying to "modernize" the original. It still needs some rebalancing though.