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Halo 3 anniversary?

OP BatEzioMan

Would you like a Halo 3 anniversary with

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I've seen videos where people do not want a Halo 3 anniversary and from what I seen a lot of people say no to Halo 3 anniversary. I would love for there to be a Halo 3 anniversary.
i want
There should be. Remaster the original trilogy and call it good. H3 needs a remaster, it had so many problems with registration and many other things that can be fixed with dedicated servers.
Halo 3 was a masterpiece of a FPS. It was running fluidly like water. Perfect balance in the game and very skill dependant. I would love to see pro players lash out on each other one more time. The only question is if the game is to old. Spartans are super soldiers that can sprint and do unimaginable things. Halo 3 doesn't reflect that. Halo 5 has a really good balance and runs smoothly. It works very good on the competitive scene as well. I think halo 6 is going to be the smash hit halo needs and not necessarily a reboot of halo 3 . 343 industries should go back to its roots and find the essence of halo and implement it into h6 . That would spark the life of the halo community around the world .
Halo 3 is the best selling halo game to date. It was the conclusion to the halo trilogy. I think it's safe to say that it would be a good idea to give halo 3 the anniversary treatment. Besides, do you know how much money Microsoft would make on it?