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Halo 5 gametypes

OP slyfoxy

What gametypes/gamemodes will you be playing most for the first month? What do you think people will be playing the most?
I'll be divided between campaign and Warzone. Playing Warzone with my buddies and the campaign whenever my lady get some free time
I will beat the campaign and then I will probably spend most of my time playing warzone.
Legendary full playthrough of the campaign, then right into multiplayer.
War zone all the way! It looks great and I can't wait!
mix of arena and warzone for me
First week campaign
Second, get my feet wet in multiplayer warzone
Rest of the month, placement matches and ranked play
Definitely gonna be campaign for me :D
Campaign, then Warzone, then SWAT and custom
I'm glad SWAT is still here, my favorite from reach!
Campaign is priority, then to warzone
Campaign & Warzone
Campaign and then Warzone and shizzels.
Campaign definitely.
Well half of that will be spent downloading the patch. The rest will be playing campaign. ;p
I'm not going to spend the first month on campaign because I'm going to play it all day when it comes out and finish it. Then I'll play warzone and arena multiplayer.
Campaign with some warzone mixed in.