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Halo 5 has the best multiplayer in the series?

OP SpitFlame

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Does it have the best multiplayer in the series?

Make Your Selection:

Pretty straightforward with the answers.
Hell no.
Waaayyyyyy too early to tell. The potential is there, I think but I wouldn't have believed halo 2 or 3 would be the powerhouses the became if I would have answered that question in their early months.
Gotta wait a little longer to see if it's worthy of contending with the best.

But I'm loving it so far. 343i is doing a great job with the multiplayer and gameplay :D
I am finding it to be excellent for a halo launch and only know that it will be expanded as the weeks past.
Waaayyyyyy too early to tell. The potential is there, I think but I wouldn't have believed halo 2 or 3 would be the powerhouses the became if I would have answered that question in their early months.
This is how I rank it as of right now:
1) Halo MCC - (everything works wonderful for me, just need to add reach and enhance the playlist). Rankings were good. Love the playback value. Will play this for years.
2) Halo 2 - (basically made live / internet play perfect). Love the ranking system and clan ranking system.
3) Halo Reach - Fun series (need this on MCC).
4) Halo 3 - Great addition but I'm not sure about the items
5) Halo CE - It was fun but challenging to move around the big xboxes.
6) Halo Wars - (different game I know but I like this game)
7) Halo 4 - The pistol comeback was amazing but I never like the special abilities.
8) Halo ODST - I like the co-op campaign and multiplayer fire fights. Let's not forget this was an add-on to 3 so it gets points.
9) Halo 5 - No split screen (campaign or co op). Not a huge fan of the scopes or the menus to play. Not many maps. Still a work in progress. When your roommate or your buddy can't play the game with you when they visit you, it sort of defeats the purpose. Also, the radar is a little useless as it's range is too small.
Is it the best Multiplayer of any Halo? So far, I would say yes. But the lack of Gametype makes it hard to really say towards or against.
It's a little too early for me to come to a conclusion.
While Halo 5's multiplayer is very unique and different from any other Halo multiplayer, it may be too soon to tell if it is the best. My answer is going to point towards no, maybe a close 2nd or 3rd best. All the new features of the multiplayer are wonderful and add to a competitive. More advanced feel, that much is for sure. But Halo 2 is a game that people still to this day talk about and refer to as the good ole days of Halo multiplayer, primarily because it started Halo's multiplayer, and Halo 3's multiplayer impacted the community the most by far. It was built for casual players and competitive players (even had an MLG playlist). It also had a wide variety of maps ranging from fun big maps for casual gaming and BTB as well as strategy maps for the competitive gamers. It really served to everyone in the Halo community and was played/has been played ever since it's launch
Definitely not yet. It has potential but I would have to say that title goes to either Halo 2 or Halo 4
Given enough time I think it will be up there. The addition of more gametypes, the fixing of the aiming deadzones, some sort of radar buff, and a nerf of the mini nukes that we call grenades will be all it takes for me. As for custom games, as long as they add a good file share system with forge, it will definitely be the best of the franchise.
I'm liking it a ton so far
If there was split-screen, forge, and classic maps like Zanzibar and blood gulch then yes I would say it can compete with halo 2. But at the moment it is the second best in the series behind halo 2. It does have the potential to pass halo 2 once forge is released and more game-types like infection and other fun ones make a return. For now tho it is really good and I am enjoying it, just hoping they add more stuff soon.
yes, because I love getting matched in laggy -Yoink- matches with dominant host determines winners.
This is my first Halo game and I'd rather play COD's multiplayer or Destiny's. I normally can get kills in a game - I can't with this multiplayer. Weapon skins? Where are they? I'm level 11 or 12 and have yet to see anything even after spending all of my points on REQ packs. I keep picking up weapons that other people have had because the default ones are horrible. It shouldn't take an entire clip to drop someone, especially if they are right near you. I have no issues with aiming, shooting, etc because I do just fine in any other game. Never have I been 0 kills, 22 deaths in one game - EVER. For me personally, it's been an awful experience. I keep playing wanting to like it somehow and some way because all I hear is "Halo is amazing" or "Halo has the best everything." My weapons shoot marshmallows in Halo 5's multiplayer. Entire clip on someone yet they turn around and one shot kills me with full health. Maybe I'm just not used to this series but I'm already bored with the multiplayer part. That usually doesn't happen with me and games either. The lack of maps in Warzone doesn't help. Buildings are all the same in each map so it's just a scenery change. =\
Its right there behind Halo 2 for me.
Arena that is. Warzone is trash.
This is the first Halo game that I've truly enjoyed.
Potentially, but we're not there yet.
Not even close to Halo 3 or Halo 2 which are my #1 and #2 best Halo games respectively.
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