I've been thinking about this for awhile but how many spartans would like to see a few firefight maps from Halo Reach be remastered in WZ? I truly believe it might help the WZ community out a bit and also help new players become a better player overall. I mean I have been playing Halo 5 for a while <about 2 months> and I feel as if I know the maps better than my own community at home (exaggeration). I just think it would bring WZ to life. What do you guys think?
they might be a little small, they were made for survival styled gameplay after all but 343 did remake death island from halo 1 but a little bigger and used it as raid on apex 7 so I guess it could work depending on the map. I'm more interested in getting stuff like sidewiner and blood gulch being remade for warzone.
I would like to see that be put in. Blood gulch was my favorite and actually still is.
I don't know about Reach's firefight maps but some of its BTB maps would be fun. I miss Cragmire...