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Halo Array. Seems like the least horrifying way to go. Ubernick t-bagging me in MP would be more psychologically horrifying, but horrifying nonetheless lol.
I voted stabbed in the stomach with an energy sword but it would be more likely that I fell off the map backing up trying to avoid enemy fire.
I went with stabbed in the stomach by an energy sword. If I’m going out, it’ll be fighting for the UNSC, but that last option isn’t necessarily a death if it’s in MP (that being in a simulation itself), but funny nonetheless ;P
Realistically I'd die from a grenade explosion with the cowbell skull on. Or get launched across the planet by a hunter on legendary. But I digress.
Well, to me it matters more that what I did rather than how it ends in my part.

Though out of those, probably getting glassed would be fast & leave more hope for others than the Halo array option.
And it would leave less doubts about how I got into the situation, Id like to think I would be fighting the right fight.
Though Energy sword could work too, no other casualties & more personal, even leaving a chance to "return the favor" to the stabber itself.

So out of those 2, the energy sword, gives a chance for final fight & no collateral damage.
Considering how horrifying the Halo universe is getting wiped out by the Halo Array would at least be quick and hopefully painless.
Going with Energy Sword as well. It's gonna hurt like hell but at least I'll get to stare my killer in the face and hopefully drop a grenade at their feet.
I was going to go with the Halo array. But at least I know that my family will be safe back home, if I get stabbed by an energy sword.
I would take going down by the flood. If i'm going out, i'm going out taking on some of the most intense enemies in Halo. And i'm planting a plasma grenade on my body before the flood can fully infect me.

Happy Gaming,
Ummm I’ll take the Halo Array option. But if I’m a Spartan or an ODST, I guess I’d take an Energy Sword to the abdomen. Of course, I’d go down with a fight at least.
Energy sword would most likely rule as the most painful and most agonizing, but it can give my a chance to drop a little surprise for the stabber. Consider it a “you kill me and I kill you” gift
I couldn't resist adding the last option lol
This has happened to me a few times, I only have one clip of it though.
Halo array, you wouldn't see it coming. Although classing would be cool. Getting to witness the awesome power of covenenant ships up close.
If I can die like Emile, my life would be fulfilled.
Going to go with the energy sword. It's going to sting like hell, but at least I'll be going out blasting aliens and having gotten the attention of a pretty experienced Sangheili.
I'll hide on the same cavern where noble six is.
I would love to be sniped by a Nornfang by my homeboy Nick.
I'd get wiped out by the Halo Array
I hope the halo array is painless
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