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Halo on other consoles?

OP munkeemeaty

Would you like to see Halo on other consoles, or do you feel Xbox needs more exclusives?
As long as the various hardwares can take it the various products should be released to those platforms, exclusivity is just a marketing point which limits the options for preferred platform for certain games to gain some form of point to sell a platform.

So I would prefer ridding the industry of exclusivity alltogether but I just don't think it's that much of a realistic scenario in current time & date.
PC is fine for me, as long as the port is good enough.
Halo made Xbox what it is. CE was the biggest reason why the Xbox was so successful in the first place. Then H2 launched Xbox Live, which changed the face of gaming. I just don't see a reason for Halo to expand over to consoles like the Playstation. PC is a different story, but I can't see Microsoft taking the plunge and partnering with a competitor like Sony when it comes to Halo.
Yes it would only be good for the franchise. I'd want it to have cross play though.
Halo is on PC now so why not? I hope it does so I can finally be done with Xbox. Halo is the only reason I have an Xbox.
Most likely not. At this point I am pretty much an xbox gamer and I am not looking to switch to another console at the moment.
Nintendo yes PlayStation definitely not.
I would definitely agree to no playastation. I also think it would be cool to have it on Nintendo except there is no way it will be able to render the graphics. Also part of what’s cool about having an xbox is that you can only play halo on an xbox
Every other platform besides PlayStation can have Halo. It wouldn't make sense to give your main competitor your game. I'm fine with PC because it would make the game look better and play better. Nintendo would if we somehow got Mario Kart on Xbox as a trade off.
Would you like to see Halo on other consoles, or do you feel Xbox needs more exclusives?
Keep it to Xbox and PC - no need for other consoles
I think it should only be Xbox and PC.
I'd have to say a hard no on this one chief. The great thing about xbox is that it has this exclusive (yes i'm aware of PC) Halo has to be one of the best console exclusives i have ever seen and or played. Sony has a great lead with spider man, but Halo will always top the cake on that one
To be honest I really don't care.
I'd like to see either Halo CE, Original Halo 2, or Halo 3 on the switch (those are the only ones I can see running smoothly) and be able to play Halo on the go, and maybe open the possibility of Chief in Smash Bros. But other than that Halo should remain only on Xbox and PC.