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Halo Reach: Love it, or Hate it?

OP ChocoboFan01

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Do you love or hate halo reach?

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I've mainly seen people's opinions on halo reach as a love it or hate it kind of game, so I just got curious as to exactly what people think about Halo Reach, and why. So tell me why you love or hate Halo Reach!
If you hate Reach... Your not human. You have to at least love the campaign.
It's my favorite game in the series.
Halo reach is god
It the best game in the series
How could you hate such a great game? Talk about a thriving community during it's prime.
Absolutely love Halo Reach!
It's an extremely good game just like the majority of the halo games but its definitely not the best. In my opinion halo CE, 2, 3 and odst are better than reach with it being better than 4 and 5.
Personally, I love it, mostly due to nostalgic moments with my Brothers, but reviewing it later, the Campaign is awesome, the weapon sandbox is okay and multiplayer could use some improvements. I still prefer 3's Multiplayer and ODST's campaign though, didn't play much of CE/2. But I think we can all agree that the original 5 were better than the 343 side of things, and I don't blame them, they were given a series that was almost perfect, you can't perfect what is already perfection, personally I like 4's story (not the gameplay in campaign/multiplayer) and 5's multiplayer post-launch, still not better than the 5 but some small strides were made. Hopefully Infinite is a return to the original trilogy's style, the art style is already perfect in my opinion so I think we're in safe hands, they're learning from the mistakes that were made in 4 and 5.
If you hate Reach... Your not human. You have to at least love the campaign.
The campaign kicks -Yoink-. But I feel the introduction of armor abilities and loadouts was for the worst.

If the armor abilities were just pickups like the equipment in Halo 3 and there weren't loadouts I'd probably love the game.
Noble Team are among the best characters of the franchise, with Emile's helmet becoming an instant icon in the community, and the story being engaging, BUT it had maaaany details like dumb allied AI, the vehicle physics....well I think the franchise never got that aspect right but meh, armor abilities were fun specially armor lock and it introduced new weapons like dmr and missile launcher hogs
Definitely love it. I understand some of the dislike it gets in the community because some have major issues with it's armor abilities and the role they played in Halo's game play direction going forward (see Halo 5's enhanced mobility). That being said, it was a spin off game, so Bungie had the ability to take some liberties with the traditional Halo formula and try something new.
I thought Halo: Reach was a great game to pop the cork on John and Cortana's journey. Especially for the story being told on how Reach was so important from how dominating the covenant were and how many sacrifices were made to pass the torch. The graphics were a bit weird as everything just looked blurred. Gave me motion sickness sometimes playing it. The characters were very well done to understand their personality and cling to them. But that's just me! I miss the customizations for armor (individual pieces) even to be able to see emblems on them. As for what halo was and what it is now... The req system is not a bad idea, but it is not one that makes me enjoy playing a Halo game. I dont enjoy having to purchase req packs for chance of items I do not want or use. Even if I am able to sell them, its I pain to go through all items. Needs a check box filter for rarities and types to get rid of them faster. Also, there is such a thing as overdevelopment! Referring to the armors mostly, sure they fit a role, but for over 200 different outfits and helmets. There are only 10 different combinations I will switch between, and they all are the classic armors before Halo 4. Alot of the new armors just simply do not look like they are meant for combat. Which let's face it, all players are Spartans awaiting a combat zone. That's enough of my ramblings, but yes, there if the next installment give me a experience like H5:G did. I want no part.
SP: love it
Mp: hate it
I like it way more than the games that came after it at least.

If I would go in detail about it pros and cons I would soon hit the word limit so I sum this up a bit.

So, it has a campaign that hass enjoyable, a fitting theme & engaging story, not bad to look at either generally speaking though I think the enemy design was a downgrade aesthetically speaking + other minor things.
The marines still had that battlefield banter which brought some life to the usual shooting & other action in the battlefield . The music was also most fitting though I wouldnt have expected less from O'donnell.
The gameplay worked though I prefer the classic gameplay. The abilities though were more minor than in some games in a sense of a rather slow cooldown and that there were other choices than just the sprint. Though generally I would have preferred if some distances were perhaps toned down just a bit and the abilities being removed. Luckily the abilities were minor enough to not tamper with vehicle gameplay like in some games.

The customization was perhaps the peak of the franchise when thinking of what had the best aspects that matter. Though what I would have changed would have been less grind in offline play given the only way to level is campaign (meaning more cr per mission or separate unlocking for campaign for example) or perhaps preferably armor unlocking by unlocking achievements, completing some type of challenges/commendations etc.

Then ranking, that could have perhaps been more skill based rather than xp grind.

Multiplayer, not as enjoyable for me as the older multiplayers but I still put quite much time on it, infact much more so than on this account but old profile got corrupted. Thats just life. The thing that I didnt like as much in it was the gameplay with the abilities though there were good new modes like invasion & such.

Just to mention a few points.
Reach its a great game
I really enjoyed Halo Reach. The multiplayer brought a lot of really great new things to the table like Invasion, the campaign was fantastic and has a lot of really hard-hitting moments, and the game looks pretty good for a 2010 title. It also has fantastic armor customization, and was just a great last game from Bungie.
I don’t necessarily hate it because it had a lot of fantastic qualities like the campaign and customization. It was one of my least favorite multiplayers though and it marked my transition to primarily playing other games, which was not corrected until Halo 5 brought me back
I thought Halo: Reach's campaign was one of the best ones, but I didn't like it's multiplayer at all.
<p>I thought Halo: Reach's campaign was one of the best ones, but I didn't like it's multiplayer at all.</p>
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