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hardest achievements in halo (beside laso master)

OP Gintamafan

dont look here i dont have an opinion
Monopolized (complete H2 on legendary in under 3 hours)

This achievement gave me more trouble than some of the LASO achievements. Gravemind and Regret are super frustrating.
I used to think Legend from Halo 2 for Vista was the hardest but sounds like Monopolized (if the MCC version is a true port) is just as hard with a time limit to boot.

To illustrate the difficulty, according to Xbox Live only 6.29% of H2 players got the 'Legend' achievement but 8.86% got the glitchy frustrating 'King of the Scarab' one.
Probably Monopolized. I love watching Mr. Monopoly. He makes it look easy but i guess thats what speed running since 2004 will do to a man.
Yh Monopolized was so frustrating! But obviously discluding LASO I would say that and surprisingly they came to hear me beg on Halo Reach
Monopolized all the way. Feel like they could have made it 4 hours and it would still have been more difficult than 3 hours on any of 3, 4, or odst