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How do you think Master Chief will die?

OP ArchSorceress

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My man Chief better not do anything brash and get himself killed cause tears will be shed if so
Chief needs to go on his own terms. Him dying in battle is unrealistic.
I expect he will be slain in battle. He doesn’t seem the type to retire and live a peaceful life.

The only other thing I see happening is dying of old age, but still in active duty. Truly going out undefeated
One thing that I wonder though is if his spartan augmentations actually rather extend his lifespan? The UNSC afterall has never had a spartan die of old age, as they all have been killed in battle. Not only this, but in John's case, what if what the Librarian had done to him in Halo 4 (besides making him immune to the composer) actually have done so much more? Such as extending his lifespan beyond that of any other human being.

If he was to ever be killed off though, it would be in battle. But more likely, I could even see them doing something similar as to the end of Halo 3, maybe he gets trapped in the Domain or something? Chief could very well be around for a very long time though too, and while 343 can do much more within the Halo universe without him, nonetheless he is such an iconic figure to this game. Halo is likely to be around for a long time to come so they may not want to even consider such at this time.
I hope Halo has another time jump and we don't have to see Chief die tbh.
Spartans never die ... especially if they're the main protag of a franchise.
Glund98 wrote:
If the master chief dies, i can agree it would probably some sort of sacrifice in order to stop Cortana. it would have to be a sad ending with good dialogue and atmosphere, and in my opinion, the possibility of having Johns face revealed.
I've been intensely curious if they're going to be ballsy enough to kill John during this story arch, or if they want to keep him alive for future Halo titles.

I kind of imagine they'll never reveal his face for two reasons: 1) To emphasize a point about it not mattering who he was, as a Spartan II, he doesn't really have an identity other than his life as a Spartan II. And 2) Because he's just a bald, aging white guy, and it might shatter people's illusions of someone much cooler than this normal old dude.
I can agree with those points, I’ve always just imagined his face to look like steve downes, especially in 2019 if you’ve seen what he looks like now
Like others in this thread have said, Chief's character is that of selflessness. The only acceptable way for Chief to go out would be by putting his life on the line to save defend something he cares about. Although you have to remember, Spartans never die.
I don’t think 343i would be able to kill him off in any good way. Plus it’s way to much of a touchy thing to do right. I think he’ll just retire and be kinda casted out slowly of the future games. But that’s a ways away I’d think.
I just don't see chief "dying" unless it's in some sort of blaze of glory where he chooses to sacrifice himself.
We don't want to admit it, but eventually Master Chief will succumb to the same natural force we all do. John, underneath the armor, is only human after all. Many fates may befall him. How do you think Master Chief will die?

On one hand, he has shown a tremendous level of luck and skill that has seen him through countless scenarios of impossible odds. On the other hand, him and his Spartan II and III brothers and sisters have all been psychologically damaged, and no one can attest to whether that damage is repairing over time or not. By observing the Spartan IIs, we may someday discover that the augmentation they receive causes physiological deterioration past a certain age. Moreover, he has countless enemies within the Covenant races, ONI, Insurrectionists, and the Created, so will one of them decide his fate?

[Questions To Consider]:
  • Will John be lucky forever, constantly pitted against impossible odds and winning?
  • Can a Spartan battle for on and on decades, unlike an ordinary soldier?
  • Are Spartans "hardwired" to battle until the death?
  • Do the augments Spartans receive have adverse side effects that can lead to an early death? ———(Real life Gigantism can cause a lot of health problems. Spartans receive what is more or less induced Gigantism, as well as other various augments. Spartan IIs may eventually show signs of health deterioration, just as Spartan IIIs already did and consequently had to be medicated.)
  • Is John still psychologically damaged?
  • If he is still psychologically damaged, can he overcome his trauma?
  • Will he continue to disobey orders?
  • If he does continue to agitate UNSC, will ONI find a reason to use him as a scapegoat?
  • Will Cortana, for one reason or another (perhaps out of anger or perhaps on accident) kill John?
  • Will one of the Created murder John against Cortana's wishes, or as a way of attacking her?
  • Will the Halo series ever end? ———(I uh... I kind of hope not... but I would still follow Halo even if John was dead.)
If there was a way for him to go out, John would most likely end up giving his life to destroy the Halo/other threat in the galaxy wayyyyyyyyyyy down the line.
He'll get mlg no-scoped by a halo 2 jackal sniper on legendary, lol.
Epic or very very sad
Spartans never die, They're just missing in action.
I would like to see him die in a way similar to how noble 6 did. It would be kool to see his armor tear, and crack it would be such a noble way for him go die
I’d like to see a really upsetting game and story where he dies of old age as a soldier. Like last moments in a battle behind cover, dying or die from a heart attack. Has to be a really good story to the point everyone complains that he’s gone and people get angry and really upset because he died in battle. Or saving someone/ human planet before succumbing to his wounds. You see him screw up more because he’s old.
If the storyline is emotional, it’s a great storyline.
While M.I.A Chief will enter a cyrostasis pod and tell Cortana "wake me when you need me". Then either Cortana malfunctions and dies or no one needs the Chief and he'll just never wake up.
I assume he’ll sacrifice himself to maybe save humanity ,maybe his friends, or possibly even to save the (good) covenant .Would be a great way for chief to go out,maybe with a one-liner that references his past sacrifices or maybe something heart-wrenching. ;(
I think he will commit suicide for the team. to save every one
If he died he need a epic DEAD in battle
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

I want him to die with the Arbiter as they battle their way to one of the Arks' control room to ignite the rings because the Flood have spread beyond containment. As they fight to the control room, Humanity and the Covenant at least what remains attempts to flee the Galaxy. Chief and Arbiter go through an army of the Flood alongside others like Blue Team, Red Team, Shipmaster, and the Swords of Sanghelios, being forced to leave people behind to stall and allow their push to continue. Until it's just Chief and Arbiter who get to the control room and activate the Halo Array while being overwhelmed by Flood forms.

It would be great as a game, but honestly I think I'd prefer it as a book... written by Nylund himself.
That sounds awesome. I'd love for that to happen. I feel like that'd be a "happier" end to me, to die fighting alongside an unlikely friend.
Really though, I'm surprised John has managed to narrowly escape being infected... But presented with a situation like Halo CE or 2 again, I think both Thel and John would get easily overwhelmed by the flood and die by their spores. The rest of the universe suffering the same fate if they don't reach control room... Maybe I'm a glutton for angst, but to die together like that, after their past, tugs my heart strings yo. And a book by Nylund would be the best!
It makes me angry that I can't find my original post on another forum about how I'd like him to die. I wrote a small overview of how it'd happen, and who'd die when and how. I'm pretty sure I included Kelly, Tom, and Lucy all dying together after setting off a stripped down Archer missile to blow a cave in and let Chief, Arbiter, Fred, Jerome, and Shipmaster to escape and continue on.
If you ever find it or write another developed overview, please please please let me know! I really like this concept and I'm interested to see an expansion. Sorry about the forum though, I feel that with some of my writing.
How I think Chief will die. I actually just posted this story summary again in more detail on an IFunny comment if you're still interested.

I'm the comment by MamasNuggs. I know it's weird.
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