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How many people are expecting

OP ArcaneUnit

Will there be Promethean and Flood Zoology?

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Sorry to spit on your hotdog,

But I anticipate Promethean Bears.
I don't know why we wouldn't have flood alligators, etc.

Maybe some underwater capacities.

I am really excited to dismiss the story plothole of not having previous encounters to relish in the concept of exasperated scenarios.

Wonder what you all think.
I don't think there will be but I really want there to be.
Prolly not, I always wondered about it though. Halo has every type of vehicle except boats...
Probably not but I would very much like to have that
I wish....but considering Spartans can't go into water...ima say nah.
Tbh idk I just put at least something and now it’s 50/50 no one chose yes lol
Gintamafan wrote:
Tbh idk I just put at least something and now it’s 50/50 no one chose yes lol
Lol I just tipped it into majority Something and it's still at 0% yes answers.

Maybe this is a joke I'm not getting, but what exactly is a promethean bear? I get the Flood alligator thingy though. Would be cool to see animals being used as Flood hosts.
I would like to request a flood kangaroo. It just sounds terrifying to me, Just hopping around trying to kick you.

First real though, they should add some infected animals. They actually added to the flood in halo wars so it would be cool to see if those additions make it in game.

Off topic - I want to take down another or take over and control a scarab... Oh They should also bring back the space battles like in reach.
It said 50/50 when I voted
Yeah, well, the Flood are on Earth, guys.

The Apocalypse is now.

This is like having run out of gasoline from cutting grass, boating, quadding, trucks and planes & the metropolitans spill out killing the animals and pillaging.

The Forerunners were unable to beat the Flood.
3/8 installations are neutralized.
The covenant glassed planets to keep down the infestation.

The least we can expect is the Forerunners can have some Zoology. I mean, I feel the community completely fell off pace with the plot and deluded themselves into just mowing the lawn.
Maybe, I don't want to get my hopes up
Get them up. Halo Infinity is HERE

They must be running out of canine units.
2 full games of destroying them & warzone firefight filling in storyline plotholes.

I highly recommend a Halo MCC patch with a "Promethean Skull" to unlock these new zoologies in the Halo 4 experience.
So that the bears, and other zoology are not new experiences for John and the other spartans. Not all New experiences anyway.
I feel this is a nice remedy to a plothole. (They can remake the hole saga: the bugs weren't domestic enough nor abundant enough for the Benevolent Covenant to use them; the Brutes weren't in the system; engineers(halo2){obviously not H2: the Halo2 anniversary is coming.} With a patch and a skull system.)

[Have you read my Halowars Comment, XoxNightingGale?]
Didn't the flood outbreak begin with the consumption of domesticated cat-like creatures? Might be mis-remembering that from Cryptum...

Maybe we should avoid animals all together in Halo.
And here i was thinking you were gonna ask if i was expecting a baby...

Personally, I think there will be both. Makes the most sense.