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How much should Halo 6 cost at launch?

OP CattyMusician

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I don't see it being anything outside the $60-$70 range. Fortnite is free to play but you need to use microtransactions if you want to be competitive. It's almost like a hypothetical situation of getting a car for free. Where you end up spend most of your money is on maintenance and fuel in order to extend the life of the car.

I'd even be okay with a $100 game that came with absolutely everything up front. No DLCs or microtransactions to purchase because they would come out as free downloads that you effectively already bought when you shelled out the original $100.
Dream: Free
Expectation: $69.99
Reality: $89.99

Lets be realistic. It's going to be $90 if not $100
S3CT0R wrote:
I'd like my next Halo game to be $60-80, so that 343 does not feel the need to incorporate microtransactions and paid DLC. Unfortunately, based on the looks of things Halo 6 is going to have microtransactions.
Yeah I'd love to believe that if they raised the price they'd exclude microtransactions but seeing how all big-time developers have been profit-first lately, that'd never happen. Gotta say 40
Anyone who thinks that game devs don't have profit in their top 3 list of things they want out of the game, is kidding themselves.
The collectors edition should be less than 150. Halo 5's was $250 and the only cool thing was the statues.
Yeh they were greedy with Halo 5 holy cow. 250 for special edition AND micro transactions.... they need to pick one or the other. Free game and micro transaction or pay and nothing else pay to play
Free because they made us pay for that train-wreck called Halo 5. The price we paid for Halo 5 should cover Halo INFINITE in my opinion.
It should be AU$80. It will be AU$100 because everyone hates us buying things produced in other countries.
$60 for base game, more for limited/collectors editions.
No game is ever free. Fortnite might be "free", but it still has microtransactions that people complain about. If you want Halo 6 to be free, you better get ready for intrusive microtransactions that will make people leave immediately. Also, considering that video games were $60 ten years ago, be grateful they have always stayed the same price and haven't gone up with inflation. $60 is a perfectly fine price tag as long as the microtransactions are not like Battlefront 2.
So true
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: realistically, Infinite will be $80+ at launch mark my words.
The 14% who voted Free are the ones who would message people to Game share

But Halo Infinite would be like $100 to Pre-Order or just released at Eb Games here
I guess it depends partly on the monetization they'll use. Yes, games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are high quality games, but they can be free with no issue on the business end because they make so much with their MTX strategies in the form of crazy over priced cosmetics battle passes where you have to pay a subscription type fee to even be able to unlock exclusive skins.

Another factor is content. You mention Fortnite being free but it's not really comparable in my opinion. Besides cancer MTX systems, you've got to think about what is actually in the full package. Fortnite is multiplayer only with 3 modes (solo, duo, squad) with some event style modes coming and going (this is how it was the last time I checked). It also has 1 map. A map that changes per season, sure, but nonetheless just 1 map. Those two points and then untested weapons/things get added that get removed anyway. There's really not that much going on when you think about it, kind of crazy they had to cancel their other games like Unreal Tournament just to have 700 people work on broken stuff. Anyway, enough digging on Fortnite. Halo is not one sided. It's got SP and MP, with the multiplayer consisting of many maps and many modes. SP also years to make, with a lot of money going into artists and designers.

You say videogames cost too much these days but I actually think it's the opposite. Big AAA videogames cost tens of millions more than they used to, really they should be way more expensive. But the industry knows we already have a hard time justifying paying $60 for a new game, it's a risk. There's no way they could increase it and expect to sell so they bombard with MTX to make up for it and profit. They spent like 500 million or some stupid amount of money on Destiny 2 and then people are furious when an expansion is $40 lol. Not saying it's okay but hey there it is.

If 343i decided to make a Halo BR then yes I would say make it free because that's what it takes to go big in the genre evidently, I'd put up with the cancer battlepass system or whatever they'd try implementing. But Halo as a whole? I think it should be full price.

In a perfect world I'd say make the whole thing free to get as many people playing as possible but you'd know there'd be sacrifices made, and I'd rather have a solid full priced game with reasonable MTX than a free, content lacking game with horrible MTX practices.

EDIT: Sorry about the wall of text lol Very passionate about this topic.
$60 if it’s actually a complete game that doesn’t have content withheld so it can later be released as “free” dlc
Simple $60 , like every other game
I expect the ol' $64.04 (is that the cost everywhere with tax?)

Hopefully its post game support is not paid map packs which would fragment the playerbase.
I'm pretty sure it'll be at least 60 bucks... video games are exepnsive these days and welp even if we pray for it to be lower priced, when it'll come out, it will surely be around 80$ like many other games
I see alot of people want the game to cost around $60. I'd love nothing more than H6 to cost that but lets be honest. Most games now (when they are highly anticipated) start at no less than $89.99+tax. With Halo having a large following of gamers I would not be the least bit surprised if the cost of H6 was more than this at launch. After all... Supply and demand right? I mean think about it. If you have something that someone wants wouldn't you sell it for as much as you could? 343 is a business... They will probably do just that
Uhhh the usual $60.
60$ is the perfect price for a Halo game, the only exception was Halo 5 at launch which should have been 20$.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: realistically, Infinite will be $80+ at launch mark my words.
Lol, no chance. Unless you count any editions the game may have, the game will be 60$ and there is no chance of it being 80$.
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