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How often do you play Halo

OP Unleashed2121

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I usually play on the weekends
My loweest K/D rate is just 200 always positive.
I don't see how that is related to the post?
I play.
Daily for me as I'm aiming for SR152 and to achievement complete MCC before Infinite comes out. If I can earn between 64k and 100k XP per day in H5 I'll hit SR152 between end of July and end of October. Need on average one win per day in MCC too to get my 500 wins thanks to losing 50 or so to dataloss last summer.
I play daily but sometimes I miss a day or two
I play campaign daily, and multiplayer mostly every day, sometimes I'll skip a day of it though
Used to play it monthly, but ever since I got the MCC, I do it daily now
I have been on a Halo hiatus for about 2 years now. I’m just waiting for Infinite at this point.

I still love the discussions though so you can see my grumpy self around these forums.
Usually 5 days a week
Depending on what you consider playing Halo, it’s either weekly or not at all anymore. I play the Halo Wars games every few days. I haven’t played the fps games in several months, and I haven’t played multiplayer consistently since November 2019. I will probably play daily when Infinite releases though
I play halo daily and I play for hours a day.
Every day, Halo 5 !
I usually play it at night after i get home from work. lately i havent been playing halo very much
I try to get at least one match in durin the evenin
A few matches before bed every other night or so. I’ve got kids now so I’m definitely not on the grind as it were. Trying to keep the fingers warm for infinite though!
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Most important rule is to have fun
Almost every week, usually friday und saturday night.
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If it were still active I would chose daily-weekly depending on what games I'm playing.
Daily for the most part.
I'm playing every day I can to get to level 152. I'm at level 126
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