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How will John 117 died

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Give me your ideas.
Considering that he has survived impossible odds, probably sacrifice
Sacraficing himself
He will sacirfice himself for hummanity, and theb later 343i is gonna pull a Cortana is alive cliche on Chief by saying the composer or some artifiact didnt kill him.
The whole theme of the reclaimer trilogy has been in the chief being more aware of his own humanity and dealing with his feelings. Cortana being a threat to the whole galaxy now, I would have to think that he gets himself killed by attempting to bring her back. I can't imagine the mascot of Halo being reduced to another cliche 'sacrifice for the common good' ending. As a matter of fact, him going MIA again would probably be the most fitting, if he doesn't have to die at all.
He'll trip over a rock and break his neck knowing 343.
He'll trip over a rock and break his neck[...]
In the opening mission.
in a v.a. hospital
I think they are going to do the thing Disney is doing with Luke Skywalker just have him disappear
He will die from a grave mind infection. It's been slowly killing him all along.
I don't know. How do you think he will died?
Sacrificing himself for the rest of the Universe :'(
"Die? Didn't you know? Spartans never die." -Kurt-051
Spartan 117, wont ever die.
Losing a core character like John would be the end of halo for me. I'm not one for passing the torch to someone like Spartan locke...the campaign in h5 was ultra weak, and that does not instill much faith that 343 could truly delete a character and provide the appropriate amount of closure for the masses.

Before they go killing off a character such as John, they really need to truly grasps what halo actually is and means to a lot of fans. I believe 343 could get there in time, but h6 will arrive before that time.
I believe the best option for ending Master Chief's story is after the defeat of Cortana, he and Blue Team visit the Voi Memorial, and then walk off as the camera pans up to ship-yards in orbit and fleets deploying through slipspace... essentially showing that the universe continues without Master Chief, but doing so without putting a hard end on his story.
He won't (I'm fairly certain). 343 killed off Cortana and the community hated it. I think 343 is worried that something similar might happen.
Spartans never die.
I think H7-9 would be interesting as a Precursor saga, tying all games together, and H6 sets up grave minds for the next war - humans and forerunner vs. flood. Oh, and there's no reason for Chief dying. I watch DBZ b/c I like Goku being the main guy, not aging until he's 80, and stuff.
Please tell me your post title is supposed to be a joke or something... You want to know he will died?
He will be sniped by a Halo 2 legendary jackal.
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