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How will John 117 died

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Spartens never die.
Like you guys said either sacrifice or unknown situation in which we dont know if he's dead or alive. I would like that scenario. Leaving the community without tears.
For what he have done, I´ll say won´t die and think more for M.I.A.
"Spartans never die, there just missing in action."
He'll trip over a rock and break his neck[...]
In the opening mission.
In a cutscene.
Trick question. Spartans don't die 😎😎
Definitely going to go with what I have been saying for a while now.
*cough cough cough...
But this time, it spreads uncontrollably, and the Chief is forced to do what he never thought he would... Activate the Rings.
(Possibly) having to fighting off his slow infection, and having to watch the rest of Blue Team succumb to the Flood, Chief pairs up with the Arbiter to recreate the Halo 3 ending, except this time they are going to the Control Room of the "Greater Ark" to activate Halo. Chief and the Arbiter are infected just after they initiate the Rings activation sequence (preferably in a slow motion, dramatic piano playing in lieu of sound cut scene, full of spent AR shells, explosions, energy sword bearing, Sangheili yelling, Chief and Arbiter back to back fighting, with piles of dead infected Spartans and Elites alike, a CRAWLING FLOOR of Infection pods and a DAMN good book based on the game written by Eric Nylund)

All the while, any sentient life not infected (human, Covenant, etc), leave the galaxy and the clutches of the Halo Rings before its activation to go to another galaxy where new aliens and danger awaits and the Forerunner monitors are left to clean up the Flood.

But I do REALLY agree on the fact that 343 needs to get their stuff straight with Halo before even attempting to make a game where Chief dies. There would be riots if they did so before they were ready.
Sacrifice, but maybe he might do it for Cortana to realize her mistakes....? I truly don't know, kind of spitballing an idea.
maybe Cortana accidentally kills chief she then tries to help him but fails and she is sad gives up and dies of sadness because the person she tried to protect was killed by her.
BLITZ1116 wrote:
maybe Cortana accidentally kills chief she then tries to help him but fails and she is sad gives up and dies of sadness because the person she tried to protect was killed by her.
TBH Bro i really cant see 343 ending it on that kinda note you know? I mean it could happen I just mentally cant see that happening. good idea though. I like it.
So i officially thought about it and i think chief will sacrifice himself so cortana could understand what she's doing is obviously wrong and in that process cortana will realize it at the very last second and save chief but she dies in the process. I know it's cheesy as all heck but it's my thought on how this is going to end. I simply don't see chief dying. Also who knows if it's truly the last game, you know? I thought H3 was the last but others came out obviously.
sacrifice or a clifhanger they might do what they did to nobel six, show that he might die but then cuts it off right there. we wouldnt know if he would be alive
He won't! Spartans never die! 🤓
He shouldn't die
He would most likely be betrayed by Cortana, blow himself up in order to save a fleet of people, or be literally stabbed in the back by Thel 'Vadam.
His fate will be the same as Kurt 051, sacrifice with a MASSIVE explosion
In a blase if glory, like a badass and then returns in halo 7... naturaly
he will never die
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